So…..this is a blog I’ve been meaning to do something with for quite some time.   I set this up ages ago and then entirely forgot about it.   Yeah.

So I was challenged (by another disqus commenter) to watch twenty #HearUs videos of the  parent-kind (did you know that tag was originally a civil rights slogan regarding Autistic rights?) and report back  so I thought I’d dust off this blog and use it to turn in my ‘homework’ for aforementioned disqus commenter.

Let’s face it, I don’t have anything better to do with this blog, clearly – since it got way too dusty.

Before we begin:

This is my blog which means I say what is allowed on it.   I set the terms and conditions.  Unless the government has arrested you, this is not a 1st amendment issue for the Americans.  If you want to say whatever you want, do it on your own blog.   Yes, you have the right to say what you want but I am not obligated to host you while you share it – this is my “room” and I have every right to tell you to leave – my freedom of speech, right?

It is wordpress’s house, however, and they have every right to evict me too.   So there’s that.

With that out of the way… let me be clear:  I will NOT be entertaining “shill gambits” as Orac and LOS call them.  Not here.    If you have evidence you produce it as you call them a  shill – youtube videos on how to spot a shill do not count.  I expect actual hard evidence such as paychecks or INTERNAL instruction documents.   Yes, you are free to idly speculate – just do it on your own blog.  No, I am not on Linkedin.

I don’t use my real name on this blog because claims fall or stand on their own merit and because it is so  common that it actually creates more confusion than it solves – so there’s that.   I don’t exactly make it a secret though – it is easy enough to figure out with a bit of googling.

Even if you do successfully prove someone is a shill, you have only increased skepticism of their claims and you still have to rebut their argument because claims stand or fall on their own merit.

If you want polite information on why you should vaccinate, there are plenty of avenues.

Every government in the world, every major health org in the world and the consensus of respectable scientific and medical consensus.   If you think that’s a conspiracy then you made the claim, you prove it – select a sample size of those studies you think are bogus – hire some independent scientists (but be sure to keep them in the dark about who is hiring them) and have them meticulously replicate the dodgy studies  – if data HAS been fraudulently fudged then you can demonstrate it by following the same methodology and study design – since that is what science does.

I will not be kind to anti-vaxxers (and that isn’t the same thing as someone questioning vaccine safety) because I do not appreciate being used as the example of “I’d rather have a literal plague than you ” so yeah.

So yeh, there is plenty of polite information on why you should vaccinate.  Just not here.   This is my room – I will be as impolite as I like.  Since this subject involves a plague as in the end times – then yes, there will likely be a lot of swearing in here (as in ‘damn’ and ‘hell’ and there will likely be a lot of “Jesus Christ” “In heaven’s name” and the like.) since this “plague” (in the loose sense) as in end-of-times is precisely the linguistic purpose of swearwords and oaths – there is a reason they are called CURSEwords.

So I will close this blog post with how discussion works here (actually, everywhere but my room, my rules get to be enforced unless they conflict with house rules) and then I will turn to my ‘homework’.

our discussion

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