Response to 13 Reasons Why The CDC is right and you should vaccinate your kids.

We’ll start with the end of the blog post we’re talking about today!

This post is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, or services to you, your child, or to any other individual. General information is provided here for educational purposes only.  

Yeah…so Jennifer knows so much better than every government in the world along with every major health org in the world and she expects us to believe she’s not intending to give medical advice?  Doofus.

Yeah…so you know so much better than every government in the world along with every major health org in the world and you expect us to believe you’re not intending to give medical advice?  Doofus.

Good Evening/Morning, Class!  Today, we will be talking about this blog post.   Remember this person is not a pro-vax sheeple so they must know exactly what the reality is.

13 Reasons Why the CDC every government in the world, every major health org in the world (along with the consensus of respectable science and medical journals) is  are correct and you should vaccinate your kids.

Let’s get to it, shall we?  First, we have a complaint about Jimmy Kemmel and sarcastic nonsense about how delighted our subject today is to see such “villification” of parents who choose to delay or forego vaccines – never mind that there are plenty of reasons for that. People like Ben.  Like Riley.  Like the Spanish Boy.

Image via Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes


why would my unvaccinated kids  be a threat analogy.jpg


diptheria toxin and pertussis toxin.png

“Those parents are all crazy, thoughtless, and completely woo woo anyway (they’re the most educated? Bah! They have the highest incomes? Selfish bastards).”

The fact that they have the highest incomes is completely irrelevant.   Woo-woo?  Yes.   Crazy?  No.   Unreasonable.  Yes, by definition.

“Then there are the medical doctors and researchers who point out our current childhood vaccine schedule is the most aggressive in the world (like it’s a bulldog)”   Without evidence, this means nothing.  As for the doctors mentioned, none of them have any research on vaccines at all.




no matter what crackpot notion you believe


Then there is a link to a Washington Post article and this lady has clearly only read the article’s headline because what she says the article says is not at all what it actually says – go read the article for yourself.

Good lord – thinking mom’s revolution can not get 9th grade chemistry correct.  Next.  And a book?  Really?

mercury and alu in vaccines

saying there is mercury in vaccines that can harm yousaying there is mercury in vaccines is like saying poppy seeds is opium


So yes, there are risks but they must be compared to the risks of the disease.

Since we know that Encephalopathy  can potentially very rarely be a vaccine injury*
and we know there is no different in rates of autism when comparing unvaccinated children vs vaccinated children then obviously, the two aren’t related.

encephlatis is not autism 1 of 3

encephlatis is not autism 2 of 3

encephlatis is not autism 3 of 3



So there should be about 1 in 68 million children who are both vaccine-injured and autistic.

Vaccine court counter


As for a balanced book review, learn the difference between fair and equal and learn what Okrent’s law is.

sometimes there is no real middle ground

the case for vaccines vs  the case against 2.jpg

widsespread universal scientific fraud.png

And the right to choose  appears alongside a link to SB277.  You are free to choose to vaccinate your kids or not – what you are not free to do is force the larger risk upon  others.   Heaven forbid there should be consequences that limit the impact of your bad decisions for your children to you and your children!

I am opposed

As for “Journalism Jail.”, that is Paul Offit’s opinion and nothing more.

I don’t condone the sending of those messages with “stupid dangerous women.”   However, that’s not what an ad hominem attack is.   An ad hominem attack is specifically where you attack the opponent’s character as a substitute for attacking their argument – not merely insulting them.    I do have to wonder why we’re only shown the title of the email and not the actual email itself though?  I mean, surely if it’s an ad hominem attack, you want us to see it?


ad hom not just a fancy word.jpg


no matter what crackpot notion you believe

Why exactly should I have reservations about the CDC vaccine schedule?  It can’t be too many, too soon. And actually, no, if you have reservations, ask your doctor.  There’s nothing wrong with asking questions, the problem is when you throw a tantrum because you don’t like the answer.


QUESTION everything.png

” It has been scientifically proven that there’s absolutely no reason for concern. Vaccines save countless lives, just like antibiotics. And the more vaccines we give, the more lives we save”    Which is why the CDC insists on giving smallpox vaccination to civilians despite its eradication…wait.

Actually, with antibotics, the issue is that we have a dial – three main settings.

Low where we don’t give out antibiotics at all – thus some people will die of bacterial infections.
Medium where we screw around with antibiotics and take them when we don’t need them and stop taking them when we feel better.  This is where we have issues with superbugs.
High where we use antibiotics appropriately by not taking them unless we need them and then finishing the whole damn course!

Clearly, there isn’t a ‘screw-around’ setting for vaccines.

” It certainly does not matter how many vaccinations we give our babies at one time!”  Actually, going by your choice, it doesn’t matter whether you give the babies 0 or 10 vaccines.   It’s at SCHOOL that it matters.

Still, the dose does make the poison.   Read the paper yourself.   And yes, water intoxication is a real thing.

“Vaccines are like that: as safe and benign as water.”   I’m pretty sure this illustration was meant to demonstrate that everything is toxic at sufficient levels.  Ironically, this comment is probably correct.

vaccine injuries are one in a million

Ack! You’re not skeptics!  A skeptic is someone who will be convinced given sufficient evidence – someone who refuses to believe in something despite overwhelming  evidence is a denialist or denier.

skeptical irony.jpg


Articles, blogposts, talks by MDs?  I don’t care.     Scientific studies?  Now, we’re onto something!   Pity the scientific study fails 9th grade chemistry though and aluminum is not a heavy metal – it is a remarkably low density metal.  A light metal, in other words.

searching pubmed for fun.



mercury and alu in vaccines

saying there is mercury in vaccines is like saying poppy seeds is opium

put the mercury back in vaccines.jpg

No, seriously, compounds are not elements.

“Are you becoming concerned that we are giving 49 doses of 14 different vaccines before age six?”

Why, should I be?



“Are you worried that children in America have more chronic diseases (like asthma, allergies, juvenile diabetes, Crohn’s disease), autism, and learning disabilities than at any other time in America’s history?”

No, not really.   Yay for medicine preventing kids like that from dying young in epidemics for chronic health conditions! As for autism, what utter rubbish!   As is the MS and the like.

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png



autism epidemic what autism epidemic.png


vaccinate with confidence

“You’re smarter than that.Don’t even read those articles.”  Again, nice strawman.  I heartily recommend others do read them but I won’t waste my time.  Peer-review or bust, thank you!

Actually, I don’t even demand that much.  All I care about in order to read it is the following:

-The source can count from 0 to 100 without skipping any of the numbers in between.
-The source can manage 5th grade maths
-The source can manage 9th grade maths
-The source can avoid committing major logical fallacies.
-The source should realize that there are other countries in the world.

“Whatever you do, don’t do your own research.”   No, I actually think you should do your own research. I actually mean research though and not reading.


using good sources charlie brown teacher anti-science movement hours of research homework peer-reviewed literature



“Those weirdos propagating lies and misinformation all over the internet?”  Oh dear, you got called out.   What a shame that you weren’t allowed to spread your lies and misinformation all over the internet.

” They’re tofu eaters. They drive Priuses. They don’t let their kids watch TV. They are the last people on earth you should listen to.”   Yeah, if anyone is using this line of argument, cut it out.  It’s not cool and it’s irrelevant.

“You don’t need to think for yourself or do your own homework.”    No, see, I have thought for myself.

The question before me was this:

Which is more likely?


Vast numbers of competing pharmaceutical employees along with every government in the world, more-or-less every medical professional and every scientist is in on some cahoots to buy from evil corrupt pharmaceutical companies and then pay to distribute it to maim their citizens just so that that some governments can then pay again to fix their citizens’ health issues?  Oh, and apparently the economists are in on the conspiracy too.

Pointing this out is not “scaring them into silence.” and why does this person still insist that it’s only  the CDC who has shown with compelling evidence that you should vaccinate your kids?  Urgh, not impressed so far.


B:  A handful of people need to close Youtube and brush up on their critical thinking skills and learn how to evaluate the evidence and sources.

I think it’s B.  But honestly, you can make me believe A.  Just show me the evidence.  I will believe in ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, given sufficient evidence,no matter how wild and ridiculous the claim.   The more wild and ridiculous the claim however, the firmer and more conclusive the evidence will have to be.

Ordinary claims require ordinary evidence.    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

which is more likely close youtube.jpg




Anti-vaxxers know no economics.png

The CDC does that for us, duh.       Uh no, vaccines have the support of global scientific and medical consensus.  There might be variations over the schedule which usually have to do with climate and other factors but “Barring medical contradictions, you should vaccinate your kids” is absolutely nothing controversial among medical professionals.

All together now, class:  “There are other countries in the world!”  For heaven’s sake.  I know  our subject today knows this because she later mentions other countries – that means this isn’t just ignorance but an outright lie of omission.   

“Just keep insulting all those losers.”   Yes, along with drunk drivers.   “And sending them hate mail.”  Yeah, if anyone is doing this, QUIT IT!  The correct way to insult them if you’re going to do that is PSAs – same as you don’t send hate mail to drunk drivers.

“Or better yet, show them this list.”    Sure.   Not looking good so far though.

Onto the actual blog post but having one lie of omission 3 times and a lie about  3 different doctors before we have left the introduction does not bode well.    None of them have done any research on vaccines, I checked.  Nor has this lady.   Again, I checked.

you said you had done research on vaccines

here's what happens when you search Pubmed for most anti-vaccine doctors.png

“Unless you have tested positive for Hepatitis B, you are an intravenous drug user, or your kid is at risk of receiving a tainted blood transfusion, your newborn has no way of being exposed to Hepatitis B, a disease that is spread through body fluid contact (blood, semen, vaginal secretions, spit).”

Hahaha!   Maybe on planet htraE  where no-one ever has a nosebleed while holding a newborn (blood!) and never kisses a newborn (spit/saliva).    And where newborns always stay home, maybe.

On planet Earth, however…..

See, my reading and my thinking for myself makes it obvious that people are contagious before they are sick.   Otherwise, disease prevention is a fairly simple low-technology matter of shoving a spear through the guy with the runny nose and doesn’t actually require much more technological prowess than tool-use and cave painting.

By the way, the Hep B vaccine prevents particular forms of liver cancer.   Hep B =/= HIV.   Hep B =/= Hep C.

” Norway, Finland, Iceland, Britain, and Sweden—all countries where infants have better health outcomes than in America—don’t give a Hepatitis B vaccine to infants in the absence of medical indication.”

They are all green countries!   In addition, stillbirth is counted differently from different places – they must be adjusted to be alike before you can make that conclusion.


Sweden vs united states IMR.jpg

But correlation is not enough.  You need to show actual causation.  Otherwise, you get nonsense like this:


In Australia any stillborn weighing more than 400 grams, or more than 20 weeks in gestation, must have its birth registered


Beginning in 1959, “the definition of a stillbirth was revised to conform, in substance, to the definition of fetal death recommended by theWorld Health Organization.”[18] The definition of “fetal death” promulgated by the World Health Organization in 1950 is as follows:

“Fetal death” means death prior to the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of human conception, irrespective of the duration of pregnancy and which is not an induced termination of pregnancy. The death is indicated by the fact that after such expulsion or extraction, the fetus does not breathe or show any other evidence of life, such as beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles. Heartbeats are to be distinguished from transient cardiac contractions; respirations are to be distinguished from fleeting respiratory efforts or gasps.[19]


In Germany a stillbirth is defined as birth of a child of at least 500g weight without blood circulation or breath. Details for burial vary amongst the federal states


Since 1 Jan 1995 stillbirths occurring in the Republic of Ireland must be registered; stillbirths which occurred before that date can also be registered but evidence is required.[21] For the purposes of civil registration, s.1 of the Stillbirths Registration Act 1994 refers to :-

“…a child weighing at least 500 grammes, or having reached a gestational age of at least 24 weeks who shows no signs of life.”

See the citesforthis article for more info.   Read this too.

” But so what if CDC officials themselves are refusing the birth dose of this vaccine for their kids because they know it is not necessary?”

Indeed.  So what if CDC officials themselves are refusing the birth dose of this vaccine for their kids?   90-year-old Grandma who smokes like a chimney and tells you that you shouldn’t smoke because it’s bad for your health is actually correct.  She isn’t wrong – she’s just a garden-variety hypocrite.

As for “knowing it’s not necessary”, let’s see their research please.   Your baby, your way.   No, that’s for things like how you feed your child.    And why is that you urge us to do our research and then recommend reading?

I am far more interested in reading  the subject’s research  – I was promised research – why have I only been given reading so far?  Oh that’s right – because they don’t have any research.


we love books but there are reasons

searching pubmed for you're a doctor who wants

“It’s never too soon to protect against STDs.”   That’s because you don’t know what Hep B is.

Reason #1 defeated.     This is not planet Htrae where no-one ever kisses a newborn or has a nosebleed while holding said newborn.

  1. You don’t care that a 2010 study found that infant boys who received the recommended three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine starting at birth were three times as likely to develop autism than boys who were never vaccinated or who were vaccinated after the first month of life. Bring on the birth dose of the Hepatitis B! Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter got it. You want your newborn to get it too.”Remember the five point test I posed earlier?  This fails the 9th grade chemistry one.    Compounds are still not elements.  “Than boys who were never vaccinated or were vaccinated after the first month of life.

    As for parental reports, read the Cedillo or Hooker cases yet?  Or any of the autism omnibus cases?

    Since it prevents liver cancer, excuse me if I think the correct response to this if it was well-founded would be to put the Hep B schedule at 2 months old and not take it off the schedule altogether.

    mercury and alu in vaccines

    Who cares about Jimmy Kemmel’s daughter and whether she got Hep B vaccine or not?

    “You want your newborn to get it too.”   How horrible!  How DARE we attempt to prevent chronic Hep B  which is a bigger risk the younger you are when you get it.   Last I checked, newborns were pretty young.

    Reason #2 defeated for the same reason as #1 – our subject does not know what Hep B actually is on Planet Earth.

    How is Hepatitis B spread?

    Hepatitis B is spread when blood, semen, or other body fluid infected with the Hepatitis B virus enters the body of a person who is not infected. People can become infected with the virus during activities such as:

    • Birth (spread from an infected mother to her baby during birth)
    • Sex with an infected partner
    • Sharing needles, syringes, or other drug-injection equipment
    • Sharing items such as razors or toothbrushes with an infected person
    • Direct contact with the blood or open sores of an infected person
    • Exposure to blood from needlesticks or other sharp instruments 

      On planet htraE, maybe no-one ever has a nosebleed while holding a newborn.  On Planet Earth though….”

      Can Hepatitis B be spread through food?

      Unlike Hepatitis A, it is not spread routinely through food or water. However, there have been instances in which Hepatitis B has been spread to babies when they have received food pre-chewed by an infected person.”  Per the CDC FAQ.

      How likely is it that acute Hepatitis B will become chronic?

      The likelihood depends upon the age at which someone becomes infected. The younger a person is when infected with Hepatitis B virus, the greater his or her chance of developing chronic Hepatitis B. Approximately 90% of infected infants will develop chronic infection. The risk goes down as a child gets older. Approximately 25%–50% of children infected between the ages of 1 and 5 years will develop chronic hepatitis. The risk drops to 6%–10% when a person is infected over 5 years of age. Worldwide, most people with chronic Hepatitis B were infected at birth or during early childhood.”  Per CDC FAQ again.

      Most newborns who become infected with Hepatitis B virus do not have symptoms, but they have a 90% chance of developing chronic Hepatitis B. This can eventually lead to serious health problems, including liver damage, liver cancer, and even death.”

      So yes, I do think it’s a good idea for newborns to get the Hep B vaccine.

      1. You’ve never interviewed an immunologist who studies animal immune systems so you don’t realize that provoking a newborn animal’s immune system is done to disrupt and damage that immune system and then study the disruptions. Humans aren’t animals so you know it’s okay to vaccinate within a few hours of birth.”Why ever would I interview an immunologist who studies animal immune systems?  I’d much rather read their research, thanks.  Who is this immunologist? Study the disruptions?  How about we look to see if they’re there first before deciding they must be?

        And if little babies who are only hours old are threatened by weakened versions, dead versions, impostor versions, or mere pieces of pathogens then I don’t think they’ll handle the virulent full-strength version that is perfectly capable of fighting back against their immune system somehow.

        myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png

        Reason #3 defeated for not understanding the difference between research and interviews.

      “You don’t care that a senior scientist at the CDC, William Thompson, Ph.D., has admitted to manipulating and falsifying data about the link between the MMR vaccine and autism in African-American boys.”

      First off, it’s not that I don’t care – it’s that it’s irrelevant.   We can literally throw out everything from America an still have a global scientific and medical consensus that vaccines don’t cause autism.

      There are these things called “other countries” which are outside the control of the CDC.  If our subject had bothered to think for themselves, then they would have thought to check other countries and see what they say.

      Second, they link to what Morgan  says the CDC Whistleblower says. Why not link to the actual CDC whistleblower documents so we can do our own reading?

      Reason #5 defeated for epic falilure at geography

        “Nor do you care that the main author on the CDC study that “proves” vaccines do not cause autism, Poul Thorsen, is wanted by the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for embezzling money. “

      Again, no, it’s not that I don’t care.  It’s that even if Paul Thorsen both lied and committed financial fraud – then the two are separate problems.

      Look, try this other guy who we’ll call Peter Pricksun.  There are a few possible outcomes.

      Peter commits neither financial fraud nor scientific fraud.
      Peter commits only financial fraud but not scientific fraud.
      Peter commits only scientific fraud but not financial fraud.
      Peter commits both scientific fraud but not financial fraud.

      Being innocent of one does not absolve Peter of the guilt of the other and nor does  being guilty of one make Peter guilty of the other.  It is entirely possible that he is guilty of both but they are separate charges, so to speak.

      But again, we can literally throw everything from America out and still end up with global scientific and medical consensus that vaccines don’t cause autism.  Rather than a bizzare sarcastic inverted version of argument by assertion … why don’t you crack on and hire some independent scientists?

      universal widespread scientific fraud

      Reason #6
      defeated for a)not understanding how truth tables work and b)epic failing at geography.

      For Christ’s sake, a bloody atlas could defeat 2 of the points so far, never mind  any actual research.

      Onto Reason #7 then

      You’re not interested in the hundreds of thousands of stories from parents, like this one, this one, this one, and this one, “

      Actually, I am very interested in their stories – I am particularly interested in how they know their children’s autism was caused by vaccines beside the logical fallacy of Post Eco Ergo Propter Hoc.   The fact that they have never shown me any such evidence is beyond my control.

      ” Every single one of them is a deluded kook and a liar.”   Well, see, if they’ve done their research then they’ll know that there is the same rate of autism in vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids so vaccines clearly don’t cause autism.  So that’s an intentionally false statement – what else should we call it?  A panda?  No, it’s a lie.

      “They get all their health information fromJenny McCarthy.”    Who gives a damn whether they do or don’t?   Either Jenny McCarthy’s reading is correct or it isn’t.  Who she is … that’s entirely irrelevant.

      “What do parents actually know anything about their kids anyway?”   Well, that’s a nice strawman.  But no-one disputes that parents know their kid is autistic or that they first noticed signs of autism after a vaccine.   However, after is very different from because.

      Oh and pretty much every parent will tell you their kid is above-average and oh yes, the sugar high is a myth.

      “Sure, they all started off pro-vaccine, just like me and you, and all they did was what their doctors instructed them to do.”   If something we know is a coincidence thanks to large-scale human studies was enough to scare you off vaccines then you weren’t pro-vaccine in the first place.

      “. But those same doctors deny it is possible that it was the vaccines that harmed these seemingly healthy, normally developing young children. ”

      No, they don’t.   No responsible vaccine advocate denies vaccines have risks.   However, autism not being one of them does not mean that vaccines don’t have risks.

      “You believe the pediatricians over the parents. Every single time.”  No, actually, I believe in evidence.   The fact that it is the pediatricians who bring evidence every. single. time. and the parents who fail to bring evidence every. single. time. is beyond my control.

      Again, after =/= because.  But seemingly is the operative word here – read the Cedillo case or the Hooker case yet?

      I believe in evidence

      there are too many coincidences.jpg

      In addition, it’s the very fact that I think for myself that makes me want more evidence than the parents’ say-so.   Nullis en verba – in other words, I don’t agree with anyone on their word alone whether they’re a random beggar man or the second coming of Jesus Christ himself.   Just to be clear, vaccines don’t cause autism.

      Oh and a final thought:  If the parents know their children better than pediatricians, it logically follows that the word of the actual autistic people should be taken above that of their parents since they obviously spend more time with themselves than the parents do so all I have to do is find an #actuallyautistic person who knows that vaccines don’t cause autism to prove that vaccines don’t cause autism.

      Oh, I wonder where we might find an autistic person who knows that vaccine don’t cause autism?
      I wonder where we might find one?

      If only such a person existed and if only they liked  smacking anti-vaxxers down and if only they ran a blog called “Autistic against anti-vaxxers.”   Oh wait.  Yeah, that’s me.    Nope, vaccines don’t cause autism. CRS can though so if you want to prevent autism, you should be a staunch supporter of people getting vaccinated for Rubella.

      I win!  The actual autistic people know more about themselves than their parents!     That was an interesting variation on rock-paper-scissors.

      Reason #7 defeated.     Care to present some real evidence?

      Onto reason 8 then:

      You agree that researchers who uncover problems with vaccines should be silenced and that journalists who write about children who suffer neurological damage from vaccines should go to “journalism jail.” ”

      No, actually, I don’t agree that researchers who uncover problems with vaccines should be silenced – remind me what happened to the narcoplesy researchers?  Oh yes, nothing.    Uncovering means there is actual evidence.

      Nor do I agree with Paul Offit on the journalism jail.


      “Because science only has one side and freedom of the press should not apply to fair and impartial reporting about vaccine safety.”

    Of course, science has only one side!   That’s how it works – much like 1+1 only has one correct answer: 2.        Freedom of the press should apply.

    And I am very much in favour of fair and impartial reporting.  Notice that I said fair and not equal.      Reporting on vaccine safety means putting things in context and not lying about autism being a vaccine-injury.   I don’t think it’s ethical to parents to lie to parents with false balance.  You can live on planet equal if you like. I’m not interested though.

    universal widespread scientific fraud

    sometimes there is no real middle ground

    the case for vaccines vs  the case against 2.jpg


    the odds that a child will

“You also think it’s totally irrelevant that there are now literallyhundreds of doctors, nurses, and health care professionals who are also speaking out against America’s overuse of vaccines, likethis one, this one, this one, and this one. And even more health care professionals who are privately choosing to selectively vaccinate their children but know they cannot say so publicly for fear of professional retribution. Though they have higher degrees (M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s) from the best universities, nothing to gain either personally or professionally, and years of experience and expertise, they are all quacks. Harvard? Cornell? Yale? Stanford? Hotbeds of woo.”

So they can’t say so publicly for fear of retribution but yet they can say so emblazoned on their websites in public? I am pretty sure that you need to pick one.

Yes, of course, vaccines are messing with nature – that’s the whole damn point.  I don’t actually care what they say – I care about their research -got any?

Still, let’s go through that list properly.

Sorry, your assertion does not count against studies, vaccination council.  Next.

NAAMV is next.  And of course, it has a store.

Interview with a pediatrician?   Let’s just read their research.

Still more interested in their research.

Still more interested in Kelly Brogan’s research.~

And Dr Jay Gordon’s and Dr Sears for that matter.

Reason #9 – Yes, I do think it’s irrelevant.  Once more:




too many too soon antigen.png

Reason #9 defeated due to not knowing what research is.    I wonder if this person is intending on providing research at any point?


So let’s move onto reason #10.

“You know vaccines have myriad side effects”  Sure.  No-one denies that.
Nope, Hannah Polling was compensated for encephalitis – a table injury.  Remember that 1 in 68 million?

encephlatis is not autism 1 of 3

encephlatis is not autism 2 of 3

encephlatis is not autism 3 of 3

So no, they don’t cause autism.

As for allergies:  “Findings suggest that the prevalence and severity of childhood food allergy is greater than previously reported. Data suggest that disparities exist in the clinical diagnosis of disease.”   Nothing to do with vaccines, then.

*Yawn*   No difference in vaccinated vs unvaccinated so it’s obvious vaccines don’t cause autism.   Fainting spells – no, that would be a needle injury since it also happens with blood draws.

After =/= because.

so if vaccines cause SIDs


“But you’re not worried that your child might have an unidentified “mitochondrial disorder,” MTHFR mutation, a Vitamin D deficiency, or any other susceptibility that would make it dangerous for him to get some vaccines.”    Sure, I am.   That’s why I will pay attention to the contraindications first.   I’m not going to go around making shit up though.

“You don’t give the shake of a rat’s tail about the fact that there has never been a large-scale vaccine safety study done comparing health outcomes of completely unvaccinated children to fully vaccinated children. We could never do that study! All the unvaccinated children would die of the measles before it was completed. So what if you learned in Science 101 that having no statistically significant control groups in “scientific” studies makes it impossible to draw accurate scientific conclusions?”

Yeah, well, write up your own study and get it approved by an IRB then we’ll talk.  The point of a control group is that they should be alike in every way possible beside the actual thing we’re looking at.

But this is grossly unethical no matter how you look at it.   You’re either withholding known treatments if the pro-vaxxers are right and this is horribly unethical in the same way that Tuskegee was and is a breach of the Helsinki Accords.  Or you’re breaching the Nuremberg code if you’re right by performing dangerous medical experiments. Now, do you see why that won’t be done?

There has to be genuine scientific uncertainty about who is in more danger for this to be ethical.

In the meantime, you’ll have to content yourself with epidemiology – the same studies used to prove that cigarettes caused cancer.


  1. You know that public health officials and, especially, doctors have no reason to mislead the public and have never done so in the past. No, the CDC has not knowingly misled Americans about safe levels of lead in the water, doctors have not advertised the health benefits of cigarettes, obstetricians have not reassured pregnant women that X-rays during pregnancy were not only safe for the fetus but necessary to measure the size of the pelvis. Ut oh. Nope. La-la-la-la-la. What? I can’t hear you. I’m busy right now burying my head in the sand.”the-fact-that-science-has-been-wrong-before

As for doctors adverting cigarettes, this is precisely why we should look at research and not just take the doctors’ word for it. And once more, you get dinged for failing to realize there are other countries in the world.

Hired those independent scientists yet?  And ah, Safeminds.  Gadad et al was very interesting, wasn’t it?

As for Mercola, he talks like his livelihood depends on scaring you about vaccines.  That’s because his livelihood depends on scaring you about vaccines.   Oh and a store, of course.  Anti-vaxxers are the tobacco companies in this story.

Reason #12 defeated thanks to strawmen and epic geography fails.

As for number 13, I don’t care about bare assertions, I care about evidence.    Oh yes and you get dinged once again for failure to recognize other countries.  Indeed, you are doofuses for failing to realize that if someone tells you about “experimental research” then it obviously doesn’t apply to things that are already proven.

Also, if the research supported their point then why don’t they give you the PMID number so you can check it for yourself?  As opposed to their extract which could be totally out of context for all you know.   Doofuses, as you said.

And learn the difference between a compound and an element.  Dinged for lack of 9th grade Chemistry.    Doofuses.

As for this doctor’s opinion – that’s just another way of saying it’s their belief.


Reason #13 defeated for logical fallacies, epic geography fail and epic chemistry fail.

But we’re not done with reason #13 just yet

“Did you know that these vaccine-friendly doctors welcome conversations with parents about the risks and benefits of vaccines? They allow parents to make their own choices about delaying and foregoing some vaccines. They are a threat to the health of our children. Total quacks!”

Actually, all doctors welcome conversations with parents about the risks and benefits about vaccines.  What not all of them are interested in is conversations with deniers.   And no-one is against you making your own choices – your personal choices stop the moment they affect others though.  Parental choices stop the moment they affect other people’s kids.    And again, not interested without actual research.

And you do know that Dr Sears sells books, right?

Bottom line: You’re a baby killer if you don’t vaccinate your kids according to CDC’s current childhood vaccination guidelines. One size fits all. Your doctor knows best. The CDC knows even better. They’ve got your baby’s back. So what if they put a bullet in it?”

Again, that’s a strawman.  And no, it’s not one size fits all.  That is what medical exemptions, abosulte contraindications and relative contradictions are for.   Oh yes and the MMR CDC schedule for example is 12-15 months.

“Your doctor knows best. The CDC knows even better.”  More like every doctor in the world and the global scientific and medical consensus but yes and even you admit later on that they know better than you.

No, Jennifer has not been doing any research at all on vaccines.

you said you had done research on vaccines

Now, as for the lawsuits – you’re right, I don’t give a damn that Merck are being sued apart from its interest as a proof that the rumour that Pharma companies have zero liability is false.    Let me know what the outcomes of the cases are.   Any numpty can file a lawsuit but it takes something else to actually prevail.

Oh yes, and finally, we come to the crowning glory of the piece:

This post is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, or services to you, your child, or to any other individual. General information is provided here for educational purposes only.  

Yeah…so you know so much better than every government in the world along with every major health org in the world and you expect us to believe you’re not intending to give medical advice?  Doofus.

Say it with me, class.  “You only know your own case and therefore know little of that.”


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