So let’s watch Vaxxed – Part 3

Film.  Part 1.   Part 2.  So let’s watch Vaxxed – part 3.  Assigned Reading.

Good evening class, it’s  21:41 here.  We’ll start from the 19:50 mark today.

19:50 – 21: 50:    Yup, news about the California measles outbreak.

21:51:  No.  It doesn’t ban exemptions.  Medical exemptions are still allowed.

22:00:  Yup!


anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy.jpg

No, it doesn’t require children to be vaccinated.  It requires you to vaccinate or homeschool.

22:42 – 22:48:   Yeah, there’s also every other country in the world.


22:56:   We can read the Willam Thompson documents for ourselves here but again, there are other countries in the world.

23:05:  No, Wakefield, that is an accurate description of yourself.  You, Wakefield lied and deceived millions of British taxpayers.    By the way, given the three great ironies of the anti-vaccine movement  I wonder how many cases of autism you, Wakefield are responsible for via CRS?

And again, your elaborate fraud is a matter of public record.  And  Andrew Wakefield has never been exonerated.    Oh and there’s this to consider.

23:05:   But again, there are other countries in the world.  Why not check what their health orgs have to say?

23:31:  What about other countries?

23:36:  Again, what about other countries in the world?

23:41:  And anyway, this is what someone says that William Thompson says.

24:04:  I am not interested in what you say that William Thompson says.

24:36:   After =/= because.


23:13:  Have you read the Cedillo case yet? And as a scientist, you know better than to fall for the Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy.


hierarchy of scientific evidence, randomized controlled study, case, cohort, research design

25:19:   Yeah, it doesn’t matter whether you like the conclusion or not or whether it makes sense – what matters is whether the evidence supports it.

25:41:  Can you show us this letter please?

25:49 – 26:00:  Yeah, the treasure trove that anti-vaxxers keep claiming was shredded and put in the circular file on the floor.

26:04:  “Dr Thompson is unaware he is being recorded during every phone call in this film.”

26:10 – 26:50:

Point One:  So if the CDC has put the research ten years behind  then other countries should be ten years ahead since they don’t have that meddlesome influence so go check what they have to say.

Point Two:  Doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not or whether it makes sense to you. What matters is if the evidence supports the claim.   Read the Autism Omnibus Trial Cases yet?

26:53:  Don’t care.  What I care about is whether you can back up your claims or not and this holds true regardless of whether you’re some random beggar off of the street or the second coming of Jesus Christ himself.   Now, if you have some PMID numbers, that’s a different matter.

Until then, though, it is obvious that when you expand the definition of autism, more people are counted as autistic.




Oh and I’m not impressed by your ignoring institutions being disbanded. 

Yes.   ASD being diagnosed will naturally be more than Kanner’s Autism/Classic Autism being diagnosed.  This is not news or proof of an alarming epidemic.

28:59:  Exactly.  The British journal as in not controlled by the CDC.

29:29:   So why bother bringing the MMR up? After =/= because?  Why not lead with the GI issues?  Autism is not epilepsy. Nor is it GI issues.

30:09 – 32:00   Exactly.  And no, you didn’t say that in the paper but you did say that on the media circuit.

And not according to their parents.  According to what you said parents said.  And after =/=because.

So why not wait until more work was done?

31:26:  So?  After =/= because of.


an illustration of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, anti-vaccine, vaccines and autism


31:45:  Appeal to emotion with the crying baby there.  Won’t distract me from the fact that you have no evidence.  See this for problems with Vaxxed.

But two can  appeal to emotions:

32:04 – 33:00:    Listening doesn’t mean you will be believed every time or been given what you want even when there is abosutely no medical need for it.

Oh and just to be clear:  Pediatricians don’t have parents as patients – they have children  as patients.

And no, it hasn’t been written off.  Literally dozens and dozens of studies have been done and the result is simple: Vaccines don’t cause autism.  It’s not that scientists are writing off parents – it’s that parents are writing off studies.

The disconnect?  Simple:  Parents are insisting that something that is a coincidence isn’t.  Oh, Polly Tommey.   You’d better do something to impress me  quickly since there are already two black marks against you as far as I am concerned – namely, your two instances of supremely bad  judgement about what is okay to judge and what isn’t okay to judge.

As for your research….


you said you had done research on vaccines


32:52:  Nope.  No such thing as a perfect child.

33:22:  Not following Big Sister Bella’s hand signals.   Read the Cedillo case yet?

33:46:  Hand flapping.  Again, read the Cedillo case?

34:13-35:00.   Yes, you’re right. All of that would have been happening so why did you suddenly decide to listen to her?

34:21:   Exactly.   Headline news, the doctor would be calling you up.

34:30:  Yup.

34:47:  Exactly.   You’re young enough to not remember the days of kids in an iron lung.

35:40: Indeed, we would if everyone did stop vaccinating.

36:09:  All together now, class.   There are other countries in the world.  Check what they say if you don’t trust the CDC.

37:19:  Febrile seizures are far more likely to happen with the much-adored natural immunity.

37:40:   Febrile seizures are indeed pretty common.

37:55:   One – it’s obvious, anything that’s powerful enough to have main effects is powerful enough to have side effects.    Two, it’s right there in the package insert.  Three, it’s also right there in the moderate problems section of the vaccine information sheet.

Specifically, this part:

“Moderate problems • Seizure (jerking or staring) caused by fever (about 1 out of 3,000 doses) • Temporary pain and stiffness in the joints, mostly in teenage or adult women (up to 1 out of 4) • Temporary low platelet count, which can cause a bleeding disorder (about 1 out of 30,000 doses)”

Some side effects are rare but more serious.  Again, it’s right on the informed consent sheet – what are you babbling about that nobody told you?    And it says, contact your doctor or healthcare provider which you did.

38:08:  See, all I got from this scary chord while highlighting the part that tells you about seizures is that you just admitted that you were told about seizures.   Either that or you didn’t read the VIS. Either way, it’s your fault that you didn’t know vaccines can cause febrile seizures, Polly Tommey.

38:23:  I am so sorry for your loss, Polley Tommey.   Being drowsy for a few hours is normal though.

38:25:  I thought Billy had died – not was something other than the child you expected.  Do you have a NVICP number by the way?

38:40:   Again, after =/= because of.  How many times must I say this?

autism-epidemic-what-autism-epidemicSee the text for sources and more details.vaccines-cause-autism-diabetes-and-msit-only-makes-sense-to-question-everythingthe-link-is-bustedthere-are-too-many-coincidencesan illustration of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, anti-vaccine, vaccines and autism

Read the Autism Omnibus cases yet?

39:05:   So the MMR vaccine is given at 12-15 months and the parents give you video evidence that the child is developing normally for at least three months afterwards and then turn around and tell you that their kid stopped developing normally right after the vaccine?  And you decide to believe the parents despite their very own video evidence disproving their claim? Why?

39:36:   Any more evidence than the Post Hoc Ergo Propter Fallacy?

39:42:  No, it was all happening at least twelve weeks after the  vaccine.  I think you need to learn what right after means, actually.

The 8th February is not right after the 16th of November.    Maybe the next person will show some more sense.


40:14:  So if this is how he reacted to the puny attenuated strain, how do you think he’ll react to the full-strength wild virus?

40:25:  Again, after =/= because of.   I am expecting some actual evidence at some point in this film.

41:24:  So don’t you think it would have been recognized quickly if MMR caused autism as well?

41:27:  Why do you need the vaccine to be green?  Why break it?

41:35:  Any evidence for this?  I’m not taking the word of a known liar.  And the fact that Andrew Wakefield is a liar is a matter of public record.   And Andrew Wakefield has never been exonerated.

42:20 – 42:45:  And how did the risk of meningitis (and aseptic or septic meningitis, by the way?) compare to the risk of meningitis from the disease?

42:52:  Except that after =/= because of.  And two, see further up the blog post where someone fails at counting.  No, three months after the vaccine does not count as right after.

42:56:  Exactly. That does not mean it the cause of autism.

43:12:  No, it’s not a theory until it has robust evidence. Theory in science means something very different from Joe at the pub who has a theory.

43: 33:  Probably had something to do with all the other countries in the world?   Why would you need to request it? Clearly, if the CDC withheld data then other countries will have a different opinion – go see what they say.   God, it’s really not that complicated.

43:45:  Hmmm….any evidence it was a big secret that you could do it?  Could you cite a statute of secrecy that expired just prior to you doing this for example?  Because, personally, I think the explanation for people’s thought processes is likely far simpler:  If the CDC hid data then they’re not going to give it up just because you ask for it so let’s go check data  from other countries and see what they say.

43:51:    Come on, there is no way a goverment that didn’t really want you to know that the data exists would just give it to you just because you asked.  It would make far more sense to just go check other countries – it seems to me more like nobody had asked before because there was no real reason to.  Here are the William Thompson documents though.

43:54 – 43:55:  Andrew Wakefield, you are British.  You know damn well that the CDC isn’t covering anything up because if it was, other people in Britain would have replicated your data.  Because Britain is not America which the CDC controls.  Why do you not mention this in the film?

Special note to those who are so much smarter than the global and scientific medical consensus:   Yes, I am aware that the above is not in the film – this is precisely my point – it should be.

Nine months and then 18 months is when they next come in?  Nope.  That’s when you next took Billy in.   UK schedule for health and development reviews is here.  After one, it’s every six months so you missed Billy’s one-year checkup.  The 12-month check-up is combined with routine vaccinations but it’s a checkup nonetheless.UK schedule for health and development reviews is here.  After one, it’s every six months so you missed Billy’s one-year checkup.  The 12-month check-up is combined with routine vaccinations but it’s a checkup nonetheless.

44:56:  Of course he wasn’t a smiley baby anymore!  He’s a toddler at this point FFFS.

45:12:  If you’re going to tell me that the high-pitched screaming was a symptom of encephalitis which led to autism, don’t bother.




45:20:  Appeal to emotion and argument by repetition.   Still waiting for that evidence that’s more than Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.  And again, I can play at appeal to emotion too.

And those babies really are babies and they really are having their bodies invaded by toxins, just so you know.


45:53: “I’d rather have  a literal plague than you be my child.  WAAAAH…WHY DON’T YOU RESPOND TO ME ANYMORE?” Get on with the evidence here because I’m rapidly losing my patience with you two.

45:46 – 46:20:  Umm…no.   Your child is right there.  Losing your child looks like this:

child who lost everything.jpg

46:23:  Nope, a child who has lost everything looks more like this video.  If you pay attention and look closely during the part that mentions Tom Lacey, you can see a child’s footprint in the snow approaching the grave.  That’s a child who (most likely) truly lost her mother, father and baby brother.   Close enough to losing everything.

That’s the kind of person who’s lost everything, not a couple of supposed grown-ups who are  doing nothing more than complaining that they didn’t get the child they wanted despite attempting to couch it in ‘MMR vaccine causes autism!  There’s a global conspiracy’ though granted, not in so many words.

Newsflash: Children are not like pizzas – you don’t get to order what toppings you want.   This is nothing more than a tantrum that you didn’t get the child you “deserved”/expected/wanted no matter how many other sets of  parents  you can convince to throw the same tantrum.

By the way, GI issues and all of the other stuff are not autism.

46:30:  All together now, class.   Again, there are other countries in the world! Check what they say if you don’t trust the CDC.

46:48:   Wrong.  Studying vaccines proactively is called a clinical trial.  All of them go through this.

46:55:  Please cite that it rightfully should have caused the uproar.  Thank you.

47:01: Again?  If your problem is with the CDC, check what other countries have to say.  Strewth, this really isn’t as complicated and as grand a conspiracy or half as difficult  as you’re making it out to be.

47:07:    Yes, why don’t you admit that you’re disgraced and not-a-doctor-anymore Wakefield?

And yes, I am aware that’s not in the film.  I’m saying it’s an omission that should be in the film.

Anyway, I suppose we’d better get on with it this evening, class.  It’s 19:33 here.

Nope, it’s now 21:04 here because I got distracted by the fact it was time to eat.

47:19:   Really?   If it was initially done in the United States then they’d have noticed it prior to your fraudulent study since they’re a much bigger country.  Sorry, Hitchen’s Razor applies here.   And that’s a philosophical tool, so named because it allows you to shave off unlikely explanations.

47:35:   How much of that 250 page report was peer-reviewed?   No, that study about perhaps half are rubbish does not mean what you think it means.   And no, scientists are not ignoring parents. And no, scientists are not ignoring parents. And no, scientists are not ignoring parents.
Parents are making two claims, 1)That their child’s autism happened after vaccines and 2)That their child’s autism and then shifting the burden of proof to demand that scientists disprove their claims and then being annoyed that the results don’t show what they want.  Sorry, not how science works.

As for “Where ignorance exists, myths flourish”, yeah, again, it’s a matter of public record that you’re a fraud.   It’s a complete myth that you’re a hero so what does it say that it flourishes among the anti-vax community?

47:52-47:53.   If that’s the case, you should be able to name what unwarranted assumptions were made and what problems were airbrushed.  Get on with it!

47:59:  Let’s see.

Point One:  Loss of Trust in the regulatory authorities and vaccine compliance is  inevitable.   In other words, it’ll happen anyway.

Point Two:  Sigh.   No.  Clinical trials and all other science work on the null hypothesis principle. In other words, the default position is that the position that “This vaccine is safe” is wrong.  New vaccines are released when they have tried and tried and tried to show it’s dangerous and failed at every turn and every corner.

Point Three:   Where is this proof of the House of Cards going to collapse?  Why not demonstrate the House of Cards?


Point Four:    Evidence it won’t comprise children’s safety by increasing their risk of wild infection please?

Point Five:  Evidence about this synergy please?

Point Six:   I think there was another reason entirely why  you recommended the monovalent vaccine instead of the polyvalent vaccine.  Again, this is all a matter of public record and no, he hasn’t been exonerated.

Now, remember, this took place in the UK which is one of the green bits in this map.


As for drugs, vaccines are biologics.  As for proven otherwise, that’s already been done. That’s what clinical trials are for.  All the parent- and fraud-tantrums in the world won’t change that.

48:09:  Sorry, Wakefield.   I don’t think I need advice on having a conscience from a verified fraud and shill.

48:12:  I will continue to vigorously support the vaccine which I have filed a patent for.   Fixed that for you, Wakefraud.

48: 16:  But I can longer support the use of the vaccine which will compete against the vaccine I have a patent pending on.  Again, fixed that for you

48:42:   Sure.   But I don’t think you needed to tell him that you were only interested in supporting the vaccine that you had a patent for.  If you had a conscience, Fakefield, you would have declined to participate in the press conference to avoid Conflicts of Interest.

49:03:   All I did at that conference was recommend that parents opt for the vaccine  that made me money.  Again, fixed that for you.

49:12:  Except you’re the fraud who caused the problem in the first place.

49:16 – 49:27:   And no, you can get single vaccines in the UK – it’s just not on the NHS schedule.  You have to pay privately is all. 

49:28 – 49:39:  You mean the live vaccine of yours that never went through independent trials and must therefore be assumed to be dangerous until proven otherwise?   It’s called hoisting yourself from your own petard or being damned by your very own words.

49:50:  Yeah, you’re a known liar and again, this is a matter of public record.  I don’t care what you say someone said.  Hearsay, Law:  the report of another person’s words by a witness, which is usually disallowed as evidence in a court of law.

So…show me the evidence of what she actually said.

49:59: Families defending Wakefield are idiots.  Think about it, in order for this witchhunt to be true….the UK goverment would need to:

1)Pay to hire Wakefield in the first place
2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) Pay 10 of Wakefield’s co-authors to withdraw from the paper
3)Hire the head of the BMJ to say Wakefield was wrong
4)Pay off all of the GMC in order to ensure Wakefield’s guilt.
5)Then pay off all the appeal people.
6,7,8)Then pay off three separate libel judges
9)All of this so that they can pay again all the time because that’s how socailised medicine works.

Does this really sound likely to you?


50:03:  Well, yeah, once Wakefield’s research is found out as fraudulent, there goes their hope for a  class action lawsuit.

50:09:  Well, Mark Blaxill, based on your site, you don’t have the faintest clue of how chemistry works so you had better have some really good evidence as to why you know better than all the chemists.


Oh, you’ve written two books?  That’s cute.


50:20:  Yeah about that…where were you in 2015?    And where you at another time in 2015?  I don’t recall hearing one word from you lot about either of those 2015 events.

Oh, right, silly me.  You’re advocates of parents parenting an autistic kid and only if they fall for your claptrap.  Never mind the autistic kid themselves.

50:52:  How many times am I going to have to say this during this film?  After =/= because of.   No, it doesn’t matter how many parents you show me who insist it does.  It still doesn’t.   All you have done by more parents is annoy me with argument by repetition.

Actually, there’s a thought – where are all the autistic adults in this film? And don’t bother asking about where all the old people with autism are.

Oh and I have a question, why is that when I search Pubmed for the research of parents that all I ever find is….well….


Again, this is what a hopeless future looks like:


50:59:  Well, duh.

As for non-vocal, how about AAC? Tried that?


Well, yeah, it is mostly genetic.  And what explosion of cases are you talking about?  The explosion of diagnoses is already explained though.  You just don’t like the explanation.

autism is highly heritable twin concordance - Copy.jpg




So why is there a striking difference in twin cocordance rates then?  As for the mercury bead, don’t bother.

1)There should be extra vaccinated autistic kids, which there aren’t.


2)Compounds are not elements.

mercury and alu in vaccines


Yawn.  It doesn’t matter how many parents think that correlation equals causation.  It fucking doesn’t.

53:04:   Yeah if you are going to state that the high-pitched screaming is encephaltis which led to autism, don’t bother.


53:15:  Yeah, I went to check the autism file out.  Refusing to judge parents who murder their children is not really what I would call advocating for families impacted by autism spectrum disorder especially not if you then turn around and judge Autistic autism advocates merely because they criticized you.

If your inclination is to “be understanding/walk a mile in the parent’s shoes.when an autistic kid is murdered –  then  guess what? You are part of the problem.


Yes, they were.    As you pointed out,the answer was “genetics.” and “expanded spectrum.”  and “coincidence.”  The parents got their answers from the doctors. The fact that the parents didn’t like the answers that the doctors gave them is an entirely separate issue to the fact that the doctors did give them the answers.

Reality doesn’t change just because you have some irrational objection to it.

53:46:  No, this would have been a much shorter Vimeo video if you’d done that. See my comments about other countries further up.

Oh and here are the William Thompson documents so that you can read them at your leisure. Yes, I am aware that allowing you to read them at leisure  is not in the film.  That’s the thing: they should be.

54:30:  Yeh, again, if the CDC had covered things up then you’d know about it courtesy of other countries which aren’t controlled by the CDC.  Again, for God’s sake, it’s not that complicated.

54:50:  Yeah, even if America and England had conspired, Australia and Canada along with several other countries have every economic motive to expose the conspiracy.  Why didn’t they?  This is a major crack in your story.



54:46: Nope.  If it prevents autism then the lines might track differently.  If autism causes MMR then the lines would track differently.

55:29:   Sure.  Because he’s vindicated if it’s correct.  Remember, the man had a patent on a monovalent vaccine.


Let’s just pretend for a moment for shits and giggles that Thompson was correct.  The statistically significant  event was for African-American males.

A girl of any race?   No problem.   So Bella’s parents are incorrect that the MMR caused her autism.

A boy of any race besides African-American?  No Problem.   So Billy’s parents are also incorrect that the MMR caused her autism.



56:34:  Yawn.  Children screaming at vaccine appointments isn’t news.

57:02:  So you told them to call the doctor then left?

57: 27:  How is looking from side-to-side staring off into space, exactly?

57:31:  So as a baby, he was smiling and flapping his hands and yet you think the MMR vaccine (not given until 12 months old – a toddler) caused his autism.    Give over.  Read the Cedillo case yet?

57:58:  Why should the clinic think it was a reaction given that there are no extra vaccinated kids with autism?

58:08:  So why has 2/3rds of the parents so far been about white babies?  And why was it their turn first?

58:40:  Again, if the issue is with the CDC – why didn’t other countries notice this?

1:00:20:  Yeh, he was.  You showed us the signs earlier.  Doesn’t matter how much you claim it isn’t a coincidence.  It still is.

1:00:34:  No, we don’t know that autism is more common in boys.  We know that autism is more commonly diagnosed in boys.   Big difference.

1:01:49:  “Best Shot” is rather an interesting turn of phrase.  So…why do you think other countries beyond the control of the CDC haven’t noticed?

1:02:49:  Yeah, you don’t seem all that  grateful  to me that he’s here, given that you’ve spent the last few minutes complaining about  how you don’t have a different twin for your daughter.

1:02:08:  Yeah, you’re still just as naive as ever.  I repeat my question about other countries.

1:02:16:  Children aren’t pizzas. I don’t care what your dreams are for your children.  I care what your children’s dreams are for them.

1:02:32:   Doesn’t matter how much you cry.  Your son was still born like that.    Yup, Canada has more-or-less  the same schedule as the U.S. but it also has socialized medicine – do you really think they’re going to pay to buy vaccines from evil corrupt pharmaceutical companies so that they can pay to distribute it in order to maim the health of their population just so that they can pay again to fix their citizens’ health issues? I don’t.

Clearly, vaccines don’t cause autism since a simple operation of #FollowTheMoney says that Canada would be using  a different vaccine to the USA if any of them caused autism.  Recall that Canada is a green country.


Yup:  Vaccines do build up the immune system via primary exposure.


want to keep your child's immune system strong.png



1:03:  No, you aren’t required to adhere to it at all.   No-one takes your kids away from you if you don’t vaccinate.   No, the graph says 12-15 months.

1:03:37:  Did the CDC commit fraud?  No as proven by the existence of other countries.  Did Andrew Wakefield commit fraud?  Yes.

Exhibit 1:  Andrew Wakefield on the other hand is  a guaranteed scientific fraudster so why on earth would you believe him over merely potential scientific fraudsters?

1:04:11:  Again, here are the William Thompson documents. Read them for yourself.  There should be a link in the film but there isn’t.  Why is that?

1:05:13:  Yeah, again, what about other countries?

1:06:44:  Incidence per 100 births vs global autism incidence.    Umm…yeah?  The older ones won’t drop off until they are dead. Obviously.

1:07:00:  Citation needed for hidden please.

1:07:04:  Andrew Wakefield’s fraud, yes.

1:07:12:  Oh, FFFS.  Not the bloody CDC again!  Look, a global conspiracy requires more than the co-operation of two countries.  Nor does the CDC explain why Andrew Wakefield was found guilty of fraud since that happened in Britain as in another country that can tell the CDC to sod off since the CDC has no authority over them.

Nor does the NHS have any authority over America – really, that was kind of the whole entire point of one particular 4th of July.  Being this late for class really isn’t acceptable.


quote there is nothing wrong with asking questions but you have to be willing to accept the answers to those questions vaccine safety scientific study




widsespread universal scientific fraud.png

1:07:24:   Well, um?  It really wouldn’t be that complicated.  Just go check what other countries have to say.

1:07:00 – 1:08:10:  Okay, so you should have gone and checked what other countries had to say.   Why are you pretending that this is more complicated than it actually is?

1:08:14:   Umm…point one:  The person who makes a claim bears the burden to prove it.  In this case, that’s pharma.   Point Two: Clearly, you need some separation between the manufacturer and the  scientists – donating to a foundation which then does research isn’t an entirely terrible bad model.

But even if CDC is corrupt…. we can check what other countries in the world say.  So you get dinged for your epic failure at geography: namely, failure to recognise that there are other countries in the world.

1:08:26:  The diseases are far more profitable.


Anti-vaxxers know no economics.png

1:08:26:   Vioxx =/= a vaccine.  There is much stricter testing for  vaccines.

the journey of your child's vaccine.png

1:08:58:  Yeah…are you the same former Merck Rep that AOA mentioned?  Because if so, you have forgotten something:



And just because you say they’re dangerous, doesn’t make it so.    As for where there is a risk, there must be a choice.  That was the whole entire  point of SB277 – your unvaccinated kids pose a risk so the rest of California has made its choice – they’re not allowed in schools.   I repeat: “Where there is a risk, there must be a choice”? That was the whole entire  point of SB277 – your unvaccinated kids pose a risk so the rest of California has made its choice – they’re not allowed in schools. 

And the law is kept out  of your children’s bodies.   All it does is say that you need to either vaccinate your kid, your kid has an ME or you homeschool or you could move to another state.  3/4 of those options aren’t vaccinating.  You simply aren’t allowed to impose the risk you chose to take onto the school at large.   There was a risk – so we chose no.  It’s really not a hard concept.   Besides, this isn’t really about parental choice.And the law is kept out  of your children’s bodies.   All it does is say that you need to either vaccinate your kid, your kid has an ME or you homeschool or you could move to another state.  3/4 of those options aren’t vaccinating.  You simply aren’t allowed to impose the risk you chose to take onto the school at large.   There was a risk – so we chose no.  It’s really not a hard concept.   Besides, this isn’t really about parental choice.And the law is kept out  of your children’s bodies.   All it does is say that you need to either vaccinate your kid, your kid has an ME or you homeschool or you could move to another state.  3/4 of those options aren’t vaccinating.  You simply aren’t allowed to impose the risk you chose to take onto the school at large.   There was a risk – so we chose no.  It’s really not a hard concept.   Besides, this isn’t really about parental choice.

And don’t give me that claptrap about how some families can’t homeschool – if you’re smarter than 200 years of global scientific and medical consensus then you’re smart enough to figure out a solution to make homeschooling work for your family including figuring out the financial side.        No excuses.  No excuses.  Don’t bother asking me how a single mum can homeschool – go bother these people instead.Don’t bother asking me how a single mum can homeschool – go bother these people instead.   Affordable homeschooling.   How to homeschool when both parents work.    How do both

And don’t bother with “But,  homeschooling counts as private school under the law.”  because all that does is show me that you’re a sheeple who never bothered to read the actual law since if you had done, then you’d know that it specifically excludes a home-based private school from the law.  

And don’t bother with “But, every child has a right to a Free and Appropriate Education” under the law since there is also independent study  program option that is allowed under the law – again, all that does is show me that you haven’t read the actual law.

Again, go read the actual law.

And don’t bother with the informed consent excuse either – because that doesn’t mean what you think it means.    Here’s what’s happened:  People have had informed consent for unvaccinated children in schools and the risk they pose and have exercised their right of informed refusal.


1:09:17:  Again, read the actual law.  Flu shots have nothing to do with SB277.

1:09:48: No, see above.  It’s more rigorous.


1:09:14: I don’t think you understand what gold-standard is.  It’s not “this must be done or the testing is rubbish.”    Besides, what about all these?     There’s never been a controlled randomized double blind car seat safety study either and  and since this is logic-to-logic, the fact that carseats aren’t injected into children is entirely irrelevant.

“There never been a controlled randomized double blind study of carseats. Why not? Because it is unethical to randomize some infants to be unbelted in cars simply so we can check how many will be injured and die.

Does that mean we don’t know if carseats reduce the risk of injury and death? Of course not. There are a myriad of statistical investigations that allow us to determine whether carseats reduce injury and death, including large scale population studies, retrospective cohort studies and many others.

So the fact that there are no controlled randomized double blind studies of vaccines is a red herring. It works only on those who don’t understand science and statistics. On them, of course, it works very well.”

1:09:57:  Wrong.  Like I showed you above.

1:09:10:   Here’s one. Here are several more.     Here is some more information on the subject.

yes there are.png

1:10:07:  Again, it takes about 10 seconds on Google Scholar to prove that there are concomitant use tests as seen above.   Heck, even normal Google brings up an WHO article on simple safety precautions.


1:10:13:    Yeah…it’s a pity that other pharmaceutical drugs don’t give you two  post-license safety systems (in the case of vaccines, VSD and VAERs) plus a court that pays for your lawyers, win-or-lose plus table injuries plus 50% + and a feather for off-table injuries.   Wrong.  The safety testing is more rigorous for vaccines than for other pharmecutical products.

In vaccine court the standard of proof is 50% and a feather.png

Vaccine information sheet tells you that it exists.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.17.45 PM


know the difference.jpg

1:10:21:  Nope.  Do you know who the real guinea pigs are?

1:10:30:  How you would like to define something has no bearing on how  it is actually defined.   It is defined behaviourally and your preferences don’t enter into it because no amount of belief makes something a fact.

no amount of belief makes something a fact.jpg

And since there is no difference in rates of autism in unvaccinated vs vaccinated children then it’s obvious that the vaccines don’t cause it, especially given that the following metastudies are from Australia which is a country that has a financial incentive  to find problems, not hide them.

the link is busted.jpg


diptheria toxin and pertussis toxin.png


widsespread universal scientific fraud.png


1:10:53:  And how does ‘Increase your risk of your child suffering from pertussis toxins by 23 times!” as a recommendation  prevent the child from receiving more toxins?   This would make it more important to ensure you vaccinate autistic kids.


1:11:01:  You do realize that if Hooker is right then you’re wrong, yes?  I mean Billy’s not African-American.

1:11:51:  I thought you said the problem was not being able to detoxify  toxins?   Make your mind up.  By the way, here is a checklist for identifying sources of aggression. 

1:12:50:  I don’t care how many people you’ve convinced to shout the wrong thing from the rooftops.  All you’ve done is convince an army of fools to shout wrong things from a height.

1:12:40:  No, you’re doing it because you want us to think that you don’t want us to go through the pain.  Given that we know that vaccines don’t cause autism and we also know that Rubella can cause certain cases?  If you really did want to avoid autism, you’d be a staunch supporter of the MMR vaccine.      It also doesn’t matter how many times you repeat the same wrong thing – it’s still wrong.

And that is enough for the moment.  It’s 19:08 here.

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