Evolutionary mechanisms part 1: What is evolution?

The Logic of Science

theodosius dobzhansky quote nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolutionI am utterly enamored with evolution. To me, it is not only the central concept of biology, but it is the single most interesting topic in all of science. Nothing fascinates me as much as evolution. Unfortunately, when I tell people about evolution, I am usually debating creationists rather than simply teaching. This irritates me because I really prefer to think of myself as a science educator rather than a debater, and I would prefer to spend my time explaining the marvelous intricacies of evolution, rather than wasting it trying to convince someone that dinosaurs and humans never coexisted. Therefore, I have decided to briefly forgo the argumentative topics that characterize this blog, and instead write a series simply explaining evolution and why it is so freaking cool. My experience has been that even most people who accept evolution don’t really understand it, and most creationists reject it largely because

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