I’ve had a few people ask me about free online resources that introduce the sciences in a fun and accessible way. If anyone has any resources they would like to see on the list, let me know.

The Scientific Method How to Read a Scientific Paper 1, 2, 3 How science works

Chemistry Online Resources: The Master List of Online Chemistry Courses Mark Bishop’s Preparatory Chemistry Online Virtual Chemistry Textbooks for Beginners Grade School to High School: Chemistry Resources Compound Chemistry Mastering Organic Chemistry
Videos Crash Course Chemistry Khan Academy Chemistry Bozeman Science Chemistry Periodic Videos Physics Online Resources: Online Physics Books Videos Crash Course Physics Khan Academy Physics Bozeman Physics Introduction into General Theory of Relativity How Things Work: An Introduction to Physics Science Simulations (demonstrations for learning) Phet simulations
Free online courses eDx FutureLearn Academic Earth General Science LibreText Scienceornot Making Sense of Science – handy resource booklets on chemicals, allergies, GMOs, peer review, detoxing, alternative medicine etc Online Fact Checking Guide Science vs Pseudoscience Society for Science Royal Society of Chemistry Resource Tools

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