So let’s Watch Vaxxed Part 4.

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1:12:40:     For some reason,we do still continue to hear that.



1:12:57:   No, it does not require children to be vaccinated.  You are free to homeschool your little darlings and keep them vaccine-free.

1:13:  If you don’t trust the CDC, there are other countries in the world.

1:13:25:  Again, other countries in the world exist.

1:13:35:  Yes, you were, Wakefield.

1:13:40:  Yes, Wakefield, I know you did.

1:13:48:   Good job there is such a thing as other countries in the world then!

1:13:54:   Meh.  It’s all transparently available in pubmed and the like.

1:13:59:  Good job we have other countries that have every reason to tell us if that was the case then!

1:14:04:   No, this is what Andrew Wakefield says William Thompson says.   Here are the #CDCWhistleblower documents.


1:15:08:   Let’s say Hooker’s right.   Stephen is not an African-American Male.  No worries.

1:15:22:   After =/= because of.

1:15:30:  What about every other country in the world?

1:15:43:  Now we’re getting somewhere – what are the PMID numbers?

1:15:47:  Based on what?  Why were you deeply critical?

1:16:00:  Let me see the letter.

1:16:22:   Yep, the treasure trove that was supposedly shredded and binned.

1:16:56:  And at what point did you check what other countries had to say?

1:17:00:   Glimpses of what in particular that weren’t right?

1:17:04:   Then that’s easy.   Other countries will be ten years ahead of the CDC – go check what they have to say.

1:17:08-1:17:16:   All American National problems.  Go check what other countries say.  Really not that difficult a concept, is it, God?

1:17:24-1:17:29:   I don’t give a fudge.  What I care about is whether the evidence supports your claims or not.  And frankly?  It doesn’t.  Where are the extra vaccinated autistic kids?  Plus, even if it were true that autistic kids had trouble with toxins, that would actually make it more important to vaccinate them, not less.


Oh and read this too!     And for heaven’s sake, of course you have more people in the general population who are disabled that you’re working with after the disbanding of institutions.



1:18:00:   See above.

1:19:48:   Yes and you established causation how exactly?

1:20:29:  If it was such a clear pattern, why on earth did you need to draw the pattern in?

1:21:05:  Um, no.  Remember what your own lab assistant told you?

1:21:08:   Then why did you have to rig the timeline?

1:21:24:  Given that nobody asked you to censor their story for any reason whatsoever, this comment from you is nothing more than a giant strawman.

1:21:35:  Indeed, it did.  So why did you claim that there was a causative link on the media circuit?

1:21:44:  Of course…since then, more work has been done.



Yes, exactly.

1:22:04:  Doesn’t matter if you’ve convinced a veritable platoon of people to be wrong – you just have an army of wrong people.   Read the Cedillo case yet, Del Bigtree?

See the text for sources and more details.

1:22:23:  Yeah, I am well aware what parents say.   I was challenged to watch twenty videos claiming vaccines cause autism once upon a time.  You can see the results of that here.

1:22:58:  There’s no difference in rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated kids.  Literally millions and millions have been spent on this at this point.   It’s done.  Until you can prove that universal widespread fraud, vaccines don’t cause autism. Until you can prove that universal widespread fraud, vaccines don’t cause autism.

1:22:56:   More like you can’t really assess problems with a walking gait until the child is walking.   Plus, there’s a reason that it’s relatives who have been away for a while are the ones that make comments like “Oh my, haven’t you grown”   Gradual changes are harder to spot.   Read the Cedillo case yet?

1:23:01:   It doesn’t matter whether something makes sense to you or whether you believe it or not.  What matters is whether the evidence supports your claim.

1:23:04 – 1:23:10:  Simple.  Parents are insisting that something that is a coincidence isn’t.

1:23:19-1:23:32:   How do you get from planning on being the most perfect mother ever to being understanding and refusing to judge when autistic children are murdered while also judging others for mere criticizing?

1:23:47:  Hmm….so if Hooker’s right, you’re wrong since your son is not an African American Male.

1:23:51:  Look, Billy is doing a thing called facial referencing rather than actually making eye contact.

1:24:18:  And there’s Billy making repetitive rhythmic motions.

1:24:45:  Yes, exactly, Polly Tommey.  It would have been headline news, the doctor would have been calling you up telling you not to get it.     How did you get from there to “It was the vaccine’s fault.”  You’re surely not foolish enough to fall for a Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy.

1:25:51:  I am rapidly losing my patience now.  There had better be some actual evidence besides Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc soon.

1:26:40:  And why did you not think to check other countries in the world?

1:27:08:  Again with the elemental mercury beads.  Don’t.

Mercury in retrogade

sodium chloride vaccine mercury meme


1:27:19:  Yes, Hooker would later be making use of the supposedly shredded data.

1:27:26:  What about other countries in the world?

1:27:36: Oh, I am so sorry for your loss.

1:28:16:   Yeah.  Febrile seizure.  Far more likely to happen with the much-adored natural immunity.

1:28:22:  Nope.  Just common in general, really.

1:28:27:   Don’t be absurd, Polly Tommey.  Had you read either the VIS or the package insert then you’d see that febrile seizures were listed.     If you’re telling me that you didn’t read the thing…that’s your problem.

1:28:31:   Look, right there, possible side-effects.

1:28:33:  Seizures is listed right there.

1:28:42:  Oh god, I am so sorry.

1:28:57:   Oh dear, so he did wake up, actually. Just not to be the Billy you imagined.

1:29:37:  After does not mean because of.

1:29:48:  That’s interesting.   That means the kids are developing normally for three months after the vaccine.

Twelve weeks after is not right after.

Read the Cedillo Case.

1:29:52:  No, not all of a sudden.   They were still developing normally per videos (according to you) for three months so clearly, parents were wrong when they said right after since they provided you video evidence to the contrary.

1:30:13:  No, it was all happening at least three months after the vaccine, per the video evidence.

1:30:44:  Wow.  If that’s what the puny attenuated vaccine strain did to him, what do you think will happen if he gets measles for real?

1:30:59:  And your evidence of the causative link would be?

1:31:56:  Why is the liquid green?

1:32:03: Citation needed.

1:32:08-1:32:19:  Again, citation needed.

1:32:34:  Again, a)citation needed and B)again, why is the liquid green?

1:32:47:   Again, where are the extra vaccinated autistic kids?

1:33:23:  After =/= because of.  Read the Cedillo Case yet?

1:33:26:  Exactly.

1:33:40-1:33:42:  NO, it wasn’t a theory.

1:33:49:  Nope, FOIA is quite well-publicized.

1:34:07-1:34:15:  What about every other country in the world?

1:35:09:  Uhh, no.  You’re supposed to have a 12-month-checkup too.   Yes, it’s bundled with vaccines but it’s still a well-tot check.  I’d be interested to know the details of that plus the age Billy got his MMR vaccine.

1:35:23:  Well, duh.  Billy had had his first birthday by this point.  Never heard of a toddler before?

1:36:42:  Nope, real real tragic tragic cases don’t have heartbeats.  Try again.

1:36:50:  Nope, try again.  That would be more like this:

1:37:06:  What about other countries in the world?  And of course they do, it’s called clinical trials.

1:37:29: And your evidence that it rightfully should have created the uproar would be?

1:37:54:  Extensive financial research, yes.  Safety, nope.

1:38:19:  Then you’ll have no problem being more specific.

1:38:23: Great.  Name at least two.

1:38:33:  And you’re sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the monovalent vaccine involved you holding a patent on it?

1:38:36:  In due wallet.  Fixed that for you.

1:38:44 – 1:38:48:  Interesting that the one you can support is the one you have a patent for and the one you can’t support is the one competing with your patent.

1:39:28: All you recommended was what was best for your bank account.  Same old, Same old.

1:39:33:  The single vaccine that you had a patent on.    Yes, I am aware this is not in the film.  It should be.

1:39:55:  Nope, it was taken off schedule meaning parents could pay for single jab if they wanted to.

1:40:17:  I really don’t care what you say someone said or really, what anyone says someone else said.  Hearsay = not admissible.

1:40:38:  Wrong.  Plenty have.  Just those with good data.  Narcolepsy researchers, for example.

1:40:42-1:40:46:  Books. How charming.   Charming but not at all impressive.


1:41:56:   Umm…you surely aren’t under the impression that autism = ASD?

And again, slipping away is like this:


1:42:13:  Nonsense.  Never heard of Down’s Syndrome?  Chromosomal, genetic.  Still more cases if you have more older mothers.

1:42:46:  Why the difference in twin studies then?

1:42:44:  Sure, asking questions makes sense.  The problem is that you’ve started with an answer and aren’t prepared to accept anything besides that.

mercury poisioning and autism - they are nothing alike.jpg


It only makes sense to question everything.jpg

1:43:22:  Having exactly the same story is suspicious, you know. It suggests conspiring.

1:43:55: Yes, they were.  The answer is that it is a coincidence.  Parents just didn’t like the answer.  Not the doctors’ problem.

1:44:00:  Nope.  It’s called being stubborn.  They got answers, they just refused to accept them.

1:44:31:  Then why did we only see one black boy so far?

autism is genetic

1:44:55: Oh, do stop whining.  I am not impressed with this nonsense of how parents didn’t get answers when they did.  Nor am I impressed with this nonsense of parents losing children who are still alive.   Get on with the actual truth here, Andrew Wakefield, because I am rapidly losing my patience with you.

1:44:59:  All together now:


And that will do for today because it is 22:05 here.



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