Why Your Difficult Kid isn’t a Counterexample to Acceptance

Felis Autisticus

So I am entirely for Autism acceptance. I want to be accepted over my difficulties and praised for my accomplishments.

But I’m capable of meeting a lot of neurotypical expectations. I can preform well in mainstream society. I struggle, but it’s not the hardest thing to do to accept me.

Some people assume that when Autistics like me say we want acceptance, we mean for us. We mean it for the Autistics who do not present our autism as profoundly. Those of us who can pass, can make our way with minimal need for assistance. Not those other Autistics.

Not that Autistic. Not that difficult child.

Actually, I do. I mean acceptance for all of us. Let me rephrase;

I am entirely for  comprehensive Autism acceptance.

You might be wondering why I make this apparent leap. Accepting profoundly disabled Autistics? Have you ever met a profoundly disabled Autistic? Surely you’ve never worked 

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