Fine, We’ll Talk About Autism and Misogyny

Autistic Academic

[TW: Misogyny, abuse, way more swearing than usual.  I don’t recommend letting the kids read this one unless you’re confident they can handle the topic.]

I’ve been avoiding discussion of the UCSB killings ever since I checked my Feedly last weekend and discovered that ASAN had issued a statement refuting media claims linking autism and violence even before I understood why that statement had become necessary again.  Other blogs in my feed explained that six people’s lives had been claimed (seven, if you count his own) by a young man who had left a manifesto that reads like the worst kind of MRA parody (transcript at link; TW).  My understanding is that he wasn’t actually autistic at all, but media insinuation is an insidious thing.

I haven’t known what to say.  I have zero interest in insisting that I’m not a mass-murdering time bomb, because it feels futile: the more…

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