What is even the point of intentionally messing up someone’s order? Like, for instance, someone orders a skinny latte and you give them a regular, they order gluten-free bread and you give them wheat, etc. Why? Think about it:

Best case scenario: Nothing happens. If a girl who looks thin already thinks she got a soy but it’s whole milk, she’s not going to gain any weight because one latte won’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. If they just wanted gluten free because they want to try gluten free stuff, but got gluten exactly once, they will never notice. What’s the fun in that? Some dumb, twisted satisfaction at the fact that you lied to someone who trusted you?

Worst case scenario: They have a medical condition that is triggered by certain ingredients, and because your dumb ass gave it to them anyway, they’re going to react to that ingredient horribly. Maybe the skinny girl who ordered sugar free is a type 1 diabetic. Maybe the guy who asked for gluten free has celiac. Maybe they have a life-threatening allergic reaction and you kill someone, all because you get off on intentionally deceiving customers who put their trust in you.

Either way, you’re an asshole.

Preach that shit

Every time I order something with soy instead of milk I always get these condescending looks. So I almost always explain that I am lactose intolerant, sometimes I don’t bother, but I am still scared that they will sometimes give me milk because they see me as a typical skinny “I want soy because I want to stay skinny” girl.

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