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Sometimes anti-vaccine fallacies make their way to people who are sincerely trying to figure out how best to protect their children. In fact, most parents who refuse all or some vaccines are simply good-intentioned people who pick up misinformation that is blasted out by the very loud voices of the anti-vaccine movement.

That may be what a friend stumbled across when she found the blog of Christian writer Emily McClements and her post entitled, “Vaccinating my Child: 15 Reasons I’m Looking for Middle Ground.”

As the title betrays, it is a missive based on the fallacy that there are two different sides to vaccines and that the science is up for debate. So right away, let’s dispense with that by acknowledging that when 99.9% of doctors, nurses, researchers, and immunization-related scientists in every corner of the globe in private, governmental, and non-profit industries stand behind the safety and effectiveness of…

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