My Letter to Sneak Preview regarding those who criticized the screening of Vaxxed- It’s not censorship. It’s not trivial.

Thinking it out


My letter to the Editor of a local community paper, The Sneak Preview  (links will be added soon)

Vaccines are Important to Society

Matt Hegarty’s News Brief, “Is there a Censorship Vaccination?,” undeservedly chastised those critical of the screening of Vaxxed in Ashland as “resorting to censorship.” A theater is entitled to choose to screen a film – or not – and critics are entitled to express their indignation. That’s not censorship; that’s how freedom of speech works (although I understand it can press buttons and backfire).

And I disagree that Vaxxed  critics are making “much ado about nothing” as mostly only anti-vaccinationists would see it anyway. It’s natural for any parent to feel worried about injecting their healthy children with medicinals. An emotive, deceptive propaganda film promoted as a fact-based documentary purportedly exposing vaccine safety system corruption may hook even fully vaccinating parents, as well as…

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