Understanding scientific inquiry can help vaccine-wary parents sort fact from fiction, I can attest.

Thinking it out

I empathize with vaccine hesitant parents.  I felt wary myself, especially after going through the late 70’s pertussis vaccine scare that emerged right before my first child’s birth, wrongly claiming that the DPT vaccine most likely causes brain damage.  With my second child, I felt trepidation over the growing number of infant and early childhood vaccines — so many, so soon (and even more nowadays.)

Ultimately I decided to trust my science-based doctors who follow the recommended CDC schedule, and who decided to fully immunize their own kids without hesitation.  As I continue to learn more about the science and regulation of vaccines, I feel confident that I made (and am still making) the most well informed and protective decision for my family.

On my journey to sort fact from fiction regarding vaccinations, I often consult the Science Based Medicine (SBM) blog site.

Dr. David Gorski posted his review of Frontline’s “Vaccine War”, a PBS documentary that …

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