Did You Hear About the Anti-Fireplace Movement?


Apparently, there is a small northern European country with a movement springing up that intends to ban fireplaces from the home. This is in reaction to a startling statistic that indicates more people have died from fireplace related deaths in this country than from gun crime. By the way, they successfully eradicated guns from this country about ten years ago.

Many have come to the defense of the fireplace by saying that without it, more people would die from exposure due to the harsh winters of this cold land, but Anti-Fireplacers insist that early man existed for thousands of years without fireplaces and that they will use tried and true methods of bundling and herd warmth to keep their young and loved ones warm.

Yet others suggest that the increase in deaths by fireplace that have been statistically noted are influenced by the huge population boom, and that, of courseā€¦

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