easiest way to stop the botters or at least impede them would be to add a captcha to the coliseum that occurs every 100 or so battles. also, to aid against being able to “reload” the page and bypass the captcha, add a field to the database for every account that would be the number of battles done since the last captcha and use that as the switch for whether the user needs to answer the captcha.

Anyone who doesn’t answer or takes abnormally long to answer, or flat out gets it wrong several times can be added to a list of users to watch. >:)

I disagree, captchas can be bypassed. Just lock them out of the Coli indefinitely until they’ve done hard puzzles in the fairegrounds dear god I’m a masochist… provided it can’t easily be hacked.

*picks up puzzle pieces and cries*

We could also have some of those cool captchas which involve rearranging bits into the completed image. As long as you don’t use that things neopets does where you can bypass the captcha by calculating the darkest pixel (this is the stupidest captcha idea which I’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing).

Although the number of times I’ve screwed up Google’s reCaptcha I sometimes wonder if I’m indeed human…

I love puzzles but I HATE the fairground ones because the screen is too small. I need more space to rearrange the pieces!

Also it takes me like an hour to do a hard one so no. Just no. Never. That is a wasted hour I could’ve spent grinding coli.

(I level dragons for other people. They get impatient when they don’t get their dragons on time. I really, really don’t want to get bitched at by people because I am being slowed down even further because of stupid puzzles).

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