Violence, Autism and Bad Parenting

Autism & Oughtisms

Children needing protection 'has tripled' Image by publik16 via Flickr

Regardless of the reasons that lead up to it, I’ve never condoned my autistic son being violent. Whether the violence was due to fear, anxiety, anger or confusion, if he went to cause someone harm I would do everything in my power to stop him and let him know it was unacceptable. This seems obvious to me. It worked too, though it took a while. He went from a destructive, biting, hitting little boy, to the almost-always gentle child I have today. In fact, he is gentler than most children his age. But not all parents have the same attitude as I do, and my son has been at the receiving end of it, while the parents just stood there and watched.

One such incident happened at an autism play-group for preschoolers. One particularly violent child was an absolute bully. The parents just stood there…

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