A Nurse Practitioner’s Journey Leaving the Anti-Vaccination Movement – Voices For Vaccines

effects of vaccinations and all the children suffering from them. I wanted to study the link between immunizations and autism; look into all the shattered immune systems from combination vaccines. I wanted to learn more about what I had heard from my community for so long, and represent their opinions in the scientific community.This graphic from the CDC shows the extreme efficacy of vaccinations.And that’s when I started to change my mind.There was nothing to base a thesis on. The evidence just wasn’t there. Not only was there to no evidence that vaccines caused autism or overwhelmed the immune system but in fact, vaccines are incredibly safe and effective and protect children when they are most vulnerable.Maybe vaccinations weren’t so bad after all.Over the course of my education, I went on to care for a one-month-old fighting for her life against pertussis . She had been too young to be vaccinated. Her horrific cough and the sight of her helpless parents will stay with me forever.I learned from a case study that a child born in my county died because her mom had developed chickenpox a few days before delivery. I was alerted by the health department when measles was found in my area. My own great uncle is in a wheelchair to this day from a childhood case of polio. I studied a child whose legs and arms were amputated after meningitis nearly cost him his life. I watched a toddler almost die from dehydration due to rotavirus. I’ve cared for many children with cancer and immunodeficiencies whom I worry about due to daily declining herd immunity.But most of all, I learned that this suffering is preventable.So I graduated, and now I give vaccines. I started with my siblings, my family, and my friends. Over time, I have given thousands and thousands of vaccines, and I think it is one of the most important accomplishments of my career. I can scientifically rebut the arguments against vaccinations that I heard as a child, and I do so on a daily basis. In fact, I can’t wait to provide and discuss the science behind vaccines in more depth on my blog.But at the end of the day, I don’t try to convince anti-vaccine or vaccine

Source: A Nurse Practitioner’s Journey Leaving the Anti-Vaccination Movement – Voices For Vaccines


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