Lenny Schafer Part III: Desperation?

Left Brain Right Brain

Mr Schafer’s continuing campaign to drive a wedge between classic (Kanners) autism and Aspergers Syndrome continues apace. However, those of us who are afficionado’s of Mr Schafers note an increasing use of modified language coupled with more disingenuous ploys. In his latest report he says (and remember the overall goal here is discrediting the link between AS and Kanners autism):

Presently, anyone with a mental disorder can label themselves as “autistic”, presumably to avoid whatever stigma attached to their actual particular diagnosis. Who is to know otherwise who is really autistic? The differential diagnoses in these areas can be quite difficult for the experts (let alone for any amateur.)

Which is all very true but why is he saying it? I could call myself an elephant if I wish but it doesn’t make me one. The ‘who is to know who is really autistic’ line is patently a dig at…

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