The A-Z of how to homeschool when you can’t. Basic version organisation.

Duties for helping to organise the basic series

Again, not all the duties need to be performed by the same person but I do need all the duties fulfilled.

-Triple checking (the first and double checks will be done before this point) that all blog posts purporting to be written below 4th grade level  do indeed come out as K-3rd grade reading level or equivalent when ran through  readability calculators

-Triple checking (again, first and double checks will be done before this point) that all blog posts purporting to be written at 4th grade to 7th grade level do indeed come out as 4th/5th/6th/7th grade reading levels when ran through readability calculators.

-Quadruple & Quintuple checking supposed 4th grade levels posts by running them through 4th grade and below as well as 4th grade and above readability calculators and ensuring that they do indeed came out as 4th grade reading level  each time.

-Rejecting any post for the basic version which comes out as 8th grade reading level or above when it is ran through reading grade levels that slipped past the all-comment people.

-Ensuring that there is plenty of tact in the basic version while also ensuring that the basic version posts do not assume any more knowledge than is strictly necessary….even basic knowledge like:

1)How to count from 0 to 100 without skipping any of the numbers in between.
2)How to avoid major logical fallacies.
3)That there are other countries in the world besides the one they happen to reside in.
4)That compounds are not elements.
5)What the sentence “adverse events without regard to causality” means.
6)How to calculate absolute versus relative risks as presented in the first two memes.
7)What research really means as presented in the third meme.
8)That the CDC is to do with America.
9)Other countries can tell the CDC to clear off.
10)What ‘forced’ really means.
11) What ‘informed consent’ really means.
12)The difference between ‘dead’ (a.k.a. mortality, deaths, deaths per cases) and ‘sick’ (a.k.a. morbidity, cases, incidence.)
13)What the disclaimer at VAERs means.
14)The difference between what something says and what someone says something says (e.g. the difference between what VAERs say and what Medalerts says it says)
15)The difference between claims and evidence.
16)Which body part is the correct orifice to insert coffee into.
17)That it would be pointless to use an antimicrobial in LAVs such as the MMR.
18)The difference between causation and correlation.
19)Under which circumstances you can sue vaccine manufacturers.
20)That parents aren’t automatically right.
21)That after =/= because of.

-Providing a ‘teacher voice’ for K-3rd grade or equivalent.
-Providing a ‘teacher voice’ for 4th grade or equivalent.
-Providing a ‘teacher voice’ for 5th-7th grade or equivalent.


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