The A-Z of how to homeschool when you can’t. Basic version.

Please bear the following description of the audience in mind if/when you wish to contribute.

This series is aimed at a very particular audience.   Please assume as little as possible about any background knowledge they may have.    Please do not even assume they know it even if you feel that everyone knows this.

Just to give you a few examples of what  I mean, altough this is by no means an exhaustive list, the target audience does not know:

1)How to count from 0 to 100 without skipping any of the numbers in between.
2)How to avoid major logical fallacies.
3)That there are other countries in the world besides the one they happen to reside in.
4)That compounds are not elements.
5)What the sentence “adverse events without regard to causality” means.
6)How to calculate absolute versus relative risks as presented in the first two memes.
7)What research really means as presented in the third meme.
8)That the CDC is to do with America.
9)Other countries can tell the CDC to clear off.
10)What ‘forced’ really means.
11) What ‘informed consent’ really means.
12)The difference between ‘dead’ (a.k.a. mortality, deaths, deaths per cases) and ‘sick’ (a.k.a. morbidity, cases, incidence.)
13)What the disclaimer at VAERs means.
14)The difference between what something says and what someone says something says (e.g. the difference between what VAERs say and what Medalerts says it says)
15)The difference between claims and evidence.
16)Which body part is the correct orifice to insert coffee into.
17)That it would be pointless to use an antimicrobial in LAVs such as the MMR.
18)The difference between causation and correlation.
19)Under which circumstances you can sue vaccine manufacturers.
20)That parents aren’t automatically right.
21)That after =/= because of.

See what I mean?

vaccine rates vs infection rates an easy to understand guidewhy anti-vaxxers probably were bad at solving story-based math problems in school


That said, let us get on with it.      I do have some requests before we start, though. Firstly, please remember the intended audience.   Secondly, the letters refer to keywords and not little words like ‘a’, ‘in’ ‘on’.   Thirdly, please use some variation on ‘I can’t homeschool because [chosen topic] or ‘How to homeschool when you can’t because [chosen topic].   Fourthly, please let me know about your post when you’re done!

I have two more favours to request of those of you brave enough to take this challenge on.

Since the sample text that the target audience don’t understand came out as an 8th grade level when I ran it through a readability calculator, please keep the blog post to a reading level of  7th grade or below.    Here is a comparison of a UK vs U.S. education system but as always, check for yourself since you aren’t sheeple who blindly follow whatever I say.

That’s one favour.   The second is please bear in mind that the target audience is very sensitive about being condescended to.


I can’t homeschool because   A
I can’t homeschool  because  B
I can’t homeschool  because  C
I can’t homeschool  because D
I can’t homeschool  because E
I can’t homeschool  because F
I can’t homeschool  because G
I can’t homeschool  because H
I can’t homeschool  because I
I can’t homeschool  because J
I can’t homeschool  because K
I can’t homeschool  because L
I can’t homeschool  because M
I can’t homeschool  because N
I can’t homeschool  because O
I can’t homeschool  because P
I can’t homeschool  because Q
I can’t homeschool because R
I can’t homeschool because  S
I can’t homeschool because T
I can’t homeschool because U
I can’t homeschool because V
I can’t homeschool because W
I can’t homeschool because X
I can’t homeschool because Y
I can’t homeschool because Z.


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