Sciblogs | Cost of civil liberty and what The Australian Sex Party said

Today is sunny and the measles outbreak is still reigning. I wonder how many tax dollars have now been spent on this little plague thus far. New Zealand has an estimated 400,000 young people susceptible to measles, mainly the 80s and 90s kids that didn’t get immunised and are still unimmunised. Schools have had to close. I whinged about the misconceptions about MMR vaccine last week  but today I want to mention civil liberty, or the state of being subject to laws established for the good of the community. There is no law that says you have to be vaccinated in NZ but surely choices should have consequences? One person’s civil liberty should not take precedence over the health and safety of others. I do think we need more open discussion about the accountability when ‘informed choice’ results in pain, suffering and big bucks. Knowingly exposing others to infectious diseases or unnecessary interventions and misery amounts to encroaching on the rights of others does it not? What do you think about these questions on the cost to society when people refuse to vaccinate their kids?: Who pays for the investigation and management of a measles outbreak that originates in an unvaccinated person brining …

Source: Sciblogs | Cost of civil liberty and what The Australian Sex Party said

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