As the children howl…


As the children howl…

I see the worst minds of my generation everywhere taking charge

Spewing recycled rhetoric rendered irrelevant decades ago

Pasting jaded slogans over walls of superstition

Where they do nothing but harm

Far more harm than their alleged conspiracies would do even if true .

Antivaccine propagandists:

And by spreading lies, fear and hatred beyond mere loathing,

Comparing heroic scientists to Hitler and Pol Pot,

Engineering organic panic to brings back the once-dead diseases of a

forgotten past.

Little kids in Syrian refugee camps struggling on crutches or

dying because there are no iron lungs,

As apostate self – appointed imams rail against the polio

vaccine as a “western sneak attack”.

Diptheria, dead twenty nine years in Iberia, comes back

with a vengeance.

A little boy struggles for his life,

Awaiting rescue medication from Russia – of all places –

Russia, which experienced a resurgence of this

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