Right wing panic about “forced vaccination” plays into hands of bio-terrorism.


Website headlines blare ” Forced Vaccines “”Medical Fascism”  as though the Red Army has just landed in Sacramento and set up guard towers and dispatched mobile Einsatzgruppen to force crying children into vaccine stations. This is patently ridiculous and erodes national security.

School admission is conditional on vaccination. Conditional admission to a program or facility is not use of “force”. Get it straight, or you are not operating a rational policy zone but rather a conspiracy theory zone.

Despite the contingent of granola-munching BMW Moms in the antivax ranks, a lot of the most incendiary rhetoric seems to be spouted by right wingers.

What do they think we Americans should do if ISIL, AlQueda and their ilk slip across the border some pseudo-immigrants infected with that polio strain now making rounds in those Muslim countries where the mujahadin have beat back the vaccination teams? Will the rock ribbed red blood…

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