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process what he needs to process. let him grow at his own pace. don’t despair or think of him as a disappointment.my brother and i were both kids like your kid, and we’re both happy, articulate, friendly adults now, both married, both homeowners, my brother has two healthy happy kids, he’s a machinist and i’m a writer — we’re fully developed human beings who were absolutely not harmed in any way by not being put through the therapy grinder as tiny smeets.just… let your kid be a kid, okay?Tags: autism disability rightsDecember 06, 2014 156 notesPOSTED BY SUNSLAMMERDOWN∞ SHORT URLlittle-mx-unearthly liked thisgardenstateofmind liked thisrwbwby liked thisextremecolourtyphoon reblogged this from vergessvergess reblogged this from neurowonderfulvergess liked thisautismserenity reblogged this from neurowonderfulautismserenity liked thishinata42691 liked thiscaducus reblogged this from sunslammerdownlogicalframework liked thissoarhighlikeaneagle liked thiscicadianrhythm liked thisshot-by-espresso liked thisshehasathree liked thisbikerpearl liked thiswill-oh-whisper liked thiscaducus liked thisdeshah liked thissunslammerdown reblogged this from jumpingjacktrashthischick25 liked thisbigendertheatre liked thischezmyki reblogged this from jumpingjacktrashpreeriaro liked thiskaitthulhu liked thisryncoon liked thissisterthreads reblogged this from aliveagaintodayihasapolitics reblogged this from jumpingjacktrashpurplethedragon liked thislahardt liked thiscantankerousaquarius liked thiswifemomartist liked thisrorleuaisen liked thisastrosarchive reblogged this from rairiiastrosarchive liked thisinariedwards liked thissirsparklepants liked thisnorwayisawesome reblogged this from jumpingjacktrashhyperiontrashcannottrashcant reblogged this from jumpingjacktrashfloorbananamotherfucker liked thisnorthwall liked thiswojojojo reblogged this from jumpingjacktrashfrustratedpens reblogged this from neurowon


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