Shot of Prevention

Every Child By Two Executive Director, Amy Pisani, reviews Dr. Paul Offit’s latest book.

A riveting new book by Dr. Paul Offit hits the shelves this week; Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine.  

Offit-Bad FaithDr. Offit’s latest book chronicles the stories of several families who made decisions for their children’s health based on their religious beliefs, even when the consequences have resulted in the loss of lives.

In one most respectful account, Dr. Offit delves into the psychological forces that resulted in the worst possible outcome for the Swan family.  The Swans, both of whom grew up as Christian Scientists, allowed religious leaders to persuade them to deny medical care to their child even as he suffered agonizing pain.  When inviting religious healers to their home, the Swan’s – who were taught that disease is a figment of the imagination of the unfaithful – believed they were seeking…

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