Vaxxed Stories Youtube Video 1

Please do read the introduction post regarding this before we get started.   Failing that, you really should watch the playlist of the Vaxxed Stories because after all, you aren’t sheeple who take my word for it, right?

Here it is once more:

But most of those can wait.   What I really must insist upon is that you watch the video featured in the current blog post before proceeding onwards.    Right now, it is Nicole in Seattle’s turn.

So once you have watched it, scroll down and we’ll get to analysing Nicole’s claims.   Now, during this series please remember whenever someone claims something caused something else, they are really making two claims:  1)That something happened after that something else and 2)That B was actually caused by the other thing and therefore they have a burden of proof for both claims.

Right….I think that’s enough time for those of you who haven’t watched it by now to do so…so I should…

Right.  So, onwards then.

00:00 – 00:18:   Okay, I believe that your son was born in 2008.  I’d like to know what your definition of ‘pushing vaccines on pregnant women’ is though.   So far, so good though I’d like more information.

00:19-00:23:   Well, which is it?  Your O.B. didn’t have the brand new shot in or they were being pushed on pregnant women?  Choose a claim and stick with it.

00:25-00:26:    Again, I’d be fascinated to hear more about how you managed to skip the vaccine being pushed on you.

00:38-00:46:    Hmm….a baby that came close to being delivered by emergency C-section after really low blood pressure.

00:46:   So baby wasn’t getting enough oxygen a few minutes after birth.   Hmmm.

00:50-0:51:   Yeah, first Apgar score being 2 and they had to resusticate and revive him – so the baby had problems 12 months before the much-maligned MMR vaccine.  I wonder if there is an actual vaccine injury at some point in this film.

0:55:  Well, which is it?   Was he blue with a Apgar score of 2 or was he okay – they can’t both be true.  Again, pick a claim and stick with it.

0:58:   ‘Screamed his head off’ is not a vaccine injury.

0:59-1:05:  ‘Refusing to latch’ is also not a vaccine injury. Besides, where is the evidence for the causative link?

1:25:  Still waiting for the causative evidence.

1:34:  I’d like to see doctor’s records of this because of the Cedillo and Hooker cases.    Still, maybe there will be more evidence later on in this video.

1:42:  ‘Screaming all day’ is also not a vaccine injury especially when your kid is a fricking’ toddler.

1:49:   Oh my god, Nicole.   I am so sorry for your loss!   I’d be interested in what the coroner’s report says.

1:50:1:56:  Yes, you have our utmost sympathy for your child dying.  However, that sympathy is not a substitute for evidence for your claim that the vaccine caused your child to die rather than your child dying after the vaccine.

so if vaccines cause SIDS.jpg

1:57:   Well, of course he stopped looking at you.   That’s kind of how death works – he would have stopped doing much for anything.

1:58:  As for just sitting on the floor, I think you have entirely too high expectations of a corpse – did you consider burying him and holding a funeral?

2:00:  OH, FOR FUCK’S SAKE.   PICK A CLAIM AND STICK WITH IT.   Did you ‘lose him’ as in DEATH or did he sit and spin wheels or are you claiming that your son is a zombie?  Still waiting for a vaccine injury to make an appearance in this video.  I have sought clarification on Nicole’s video.

the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy

the link is busted.jpg

It only makes sense to question everything

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

there are too many coincidences

Meme says GMOs but the same principle applies.

2:20-2:46:   Umm….maybe because autism isn’t … I dunno… meningitis or anything like that.   So the claims aren’t contradictory.

2:28:   Well, we only have your word for that and given that you can’t even manage internal consistency….your word is not worth much, Nicole.

2:43 – 2:44:   Don’t be stupid.  There’s nowhere worse to go from Babyland – you lost him at 12-15 months, remember?

2:50:  HOW?  You lost him.

2:53:   What on earth is this obsession with making noises with mouth parts?  Of course, your kid isn’t going to talk… he’s dead, remember?

3:12:   So you should have some causative evidence then, right?

3:17:  Sure, how long was he dead for, what, three days or some other temporary measure of time?  Careful, things got really out of hand when something like that might have  happened circa 2017 years ago.

3:27:  How?  He’s dead, right?

3:31:  And your evidence that the vaccine caused this in the first place and your evidence that the therapy was the cause of him talking?  And why is there no mention of AAC here?

3:37:    Not talking until four and a half is not a tragedy.  Babyland is.  How on earth did he get bigger though given that he’s dead?

3:49-4:06:  When they are entirely still (because…death), it is time to give up on expectations for your kids.











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