Vaxxed Stories Youtube Video 3

Good evening, Class.   Here is the video list once more:

Today, it is Kristin in Utah’s turn to have her claims evaluated so here is her individual video:

So…let’s get to Video #3, shall we?

00:00-0:14:   Hmm…this should be interesting.   I am sure this person has evidence for the causative link.

00:27:  So where is the causative evidence link for all of this being a vaccine injury?

00:33 …  Hmmm.  So where is the causative evidence then?

yes there have studies comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated children this is why we don't want to repeat them.png

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png

00:41:   Spiked really high fevers.   Give me a number.  ‘Really high’ could mean anything and therefore doesn’t mean a thing.   Sheesh though…if she spiked fevers from bits of pathogens, what on earth do you think the real disease that can fight back will do to her?

00:46:  Still waiting for that causative evidence.

1:01:  So where is this causative evidence?

1:06:   Evidence.  Get on with it.

1:28:  And once again…the autism claim.    Autism is not a vaccine injury.

the link is busted.jpg

`1:35:   The MMR is scheduled for 12-15 months.  Either it was delayed for some reason or else … it took at least eight weeks/two months after the vaccine.   That’s not what ‘right after’ means.

1:42:  Okay, I am sorry.  That sounds like it must be tough to deal with.   HOWEVER, that does not mean that you are actually correct with your claim.  This link might help you though.

1:57:  Why on earth would your husband going to medical school be useful?  You,yourself,  already know better than doctors so what on earth would be the point?

2:02:    Sure.  I have no reason to doubt she was diagnosed at 20 months.  However, after=/= because of.

the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy

2:16:  Hmm…what vaccine damage type symptoms?  We’ve already established that vaccines don’t cause autism.

2:30:   I’d like to see records though.  See the Hooker’s case as to why.    Plus, 2 is a rubbish sample size.

2:47:   Not sure.    Need further information.

2:57:   Your gut was wrong.  Doctors were right.

3:41:   Hmm….

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png

Sure.  No-one will force you not to.

However, at this point, I must congratulate mother no. 3 for being able to decide whether she had an autistic kid or a dead one.

Well done, Kristin.





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