Vaxxed Youtube Video # 5

Good evening, class.  Today, we will be paying attention to  Zachry in CA’s story since it it’s their turn to have their claims evaluated.   Here is the playlist:

And here is their individual video:

Let’s get to it.  Only you should watch the video before you listen to what I have to say about what the video says.  How else will you know if I’m lying or not?

0:11:  Hey there, Zachry.

0:19:   Ah.     Seizure disorders are not a vaccine injury, either.  Though they may cause febrile seizures but then again, the disease is more likely to do so.

0:32:  Hmm…..after does not mean because of.   Where is your evidence for the causative link?

0:44:   That would be a seizure injury and not a vaccine injury.   Simple febrile seizures simply do not do that.

0:52:  So your son is medically exempt.  Please don’t throw your lot in with Vaxxed since they are the very reason people don’t immediately believe vaccine injury stories.

0:57:  So not a vaccine injury then.

1:15:  Hmm..

1:18:       So he’s medically exempt.

1:56:  A specific gene that some women carry.     And carrying the gene means you’re not affected since that is how carriers work.  So which is it?    Are you affected (in which case, they really don’t need to test you since it’s kind of obvious)  or were you told you a carrier (in which case, the complaint about not being tested may be valid though if you have an affected parent or child, then it’s obvious that you’re a carrier without testing needed so long as the child doesn’t have a de novo mutation.)

2:13-2:35:  Well, which is it?  He’s 28 now so was it immediately after his first set of vaccinations at around 2 months or was it 20-23 years ago?

2:44:  I’d like to see this study.

3:01:  An actual possible vaccine injury.  I must ask, what do you think the real disease would have done to your son if mere pieces of bacterium did this to him?

3:30:  Well, which is it? Was it a religious belief or a medical exemption?

3:46:  Yes, services do need to happen.

4:37-4:47:  Which implies that you do know the difference now.

4:54:  Well, which is it?  Did they say no more more vaccinations  or did they fail to take it seriously?  Had you read the VIS then you’d known that there was an entire passive database (VAERS) and also an entire no-fault program (NVICP).

I’d like to see your NVICP case though.

4:58:  Why did you not read the VIS?

5:09:   Please read this and this.the journey of your child's vaccine.png

5:27:  So would the disease.

5:53:  Your life is hell because of what happened but you don’t want to put this kid in a home?  Uhh…..  Government.

Though this has nothing to do with this particular video, AUTISM. IS. STILL. NOT. A. VACCINE. INJURY.









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