Vaxxed Injury Youtube Video #6

Good evening class.  Today, we will be looking at Anderson in North Carolina and the claims in that video.

Here’s the playlist that we are working from:

And here is the individual video which, as always, you should watch prior to reading this so that you know what the video says rather what I say it says.   This is the longest video in the series so far at the 9:25 mark so I am sure there will be plenty of time for there to be more evidence than the Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc logical fallacy.

So let’s get on with it.

0:00 – 0:22:  Well, no-one would have a problem if you had questioned vaccines.   As for you working in the medical field, claims stand or fall on their own merits.   Is that Michelle Gray or Michelle Grey, by the way?

Erin, asking questions is great.png
it's fine to ask a question like are vaccines safe.jpg

Well,anyway here is research from Michelle Gray and here is research from Michelle Gray.  As you can see, none of those results have anything to do with vaccines.

0:26:  Good, no-one else does either.

0:36:  That is not really working medically then.

0:44:    And yet when I search your name in pubmed…when it comes to the subject of vaccines:

ten points from anti-vaxxer!.png

0:51:   Not that anyone would have had a problem if you had but…continue.

0:59:  So where is your evidence of the causative link?  After is not a synonym for ‘because of’.   Though I must ask – if a vaccine without even a whole bacterium was enough to make you that sick, what do you think the real vaccine will do to you?  Also, which is it?  Were you not sleeping for a month or were you sleeping on the couch?

1:12 – 1:13:  Still waiting for that causative evidence.  Pertuss vaccine can no more give you pertussis than a small collection of car parts can run you over.

1:36:  No,  you did not get whooping cough from the acelluar vaccine.  STILL NOT A VACCINE INJURY.    And pregnancy is a mildly immunocomprised state so….you were pregnant – of course your immune system was weak.

1:39:   Yes, I  know you didn’t do the research.   I checked.

1:48:   You didn’t even know he got the Hep B shot.  As for what it was for…

why do we vaccinage newborns against Hep B.jpg

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

1:57:  Eczma is still not a vaccine injury either.

2:32:  Uhh… why?  Eczema doesn’t have much to do with guts.  And you worked in the medical field, you should have a better idea than ‘guts’.

2:50:  Hmmm….

3:10:   And what would be the expected background rate?

3:15:  If you are going to do the high-pitched scream–>Encephaltitis –>autism thing, don’t bother.

encephaltis is not autism 1 of 3.jpg

encephalitis is not autism 2 of 3.jpg
encephaltis is not autism 3 of 3.jpg

3:18:  And your evidence for the causative link is?

3:22:  I see.   So your son was throwing up everywhere and you didn’t take him to the doctor.  What was going on, then?  Funeral?  Wedding?

3:28:   We’re still waiting for you to show us that though.

3:30:  You have still not provided evidence though.

3:44:   If you’re going to bother with the autism trope, here, don’t:

there are too many coincidences

the link is busted

heiraches of evidence.jpg

autism epidemic what autism epidemic - Copy - Copy.png

the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.jpg

widsespread universal scientific fraud

4:11:   Hmmm.

4:25: …

4:31:  Bought is not a documentary.   Did you ever consider public health countries?

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

4:53:  After you had made the conclusion but in any case, little kids get vaccines often.    After is not a synoym for because of.

The package inserts.  The same ones produced by the ‘Bought’ Pharma companies?

if vacicnes don't cause autism then why is it listed.png

We love books but there are reasons why revoultionary scienctific findings are published in science journals and not books.png

so you're a doctor who wants to overturn the decades-long.jpg

5:03:   Difference in health care.   This is the point.

5:23:  After is not because of.

5:30:  So?  Claims stand or fall on their own merits.  You did question and you did get answers. The fact that you reacted to the facts like this….

it's not fair I don't like these facts.jpg

…is your problem and nobody else’s.

5:38 – 6:01:  Now, yes, there have been studies on negative aspects of vaccines and there should be.   It is cherry-picking to only show those though.   What matters is what the findings combined (with proper weighting) shows and what it shows is that vaccines are overwhelmingly less risky than the disease they prevent.

We love books but there are reasons why revoultionary scienctific findings are published in science journals and not books.pnganti-vaxxers say pertussi vaccine doesn't work and herd immunity doesn't exist reality says otherwise.jpg

Claims stand or fall on their own merit and the evidence or not.

6:51:  Uhh…there are thousands of the damn things.

6:54:  Again, there are thousands of the damn things.  And thousands of the damn things for vaccines tested together too.

6:57:   So she lied to you.   Still not my problem  .     It is wrong wrongety wrong that pharma companies have zero liability.

Here are the CDC whistleblower documents.  Read them for yourself.    Plus, did it ever occur to either of you that there are other countries in the world?

7:19:   I don’t know what to say about whether she is.  However…I’m not as you can see here .  Just to make it clear, you can watch Vaxxed from my blog and you can then read my thoughts on Vaxxed.

7:28:  Uhh….

basic economis shill counter

7:32:  Polley Tommey has no sympathy for murder victims but has sympathy for people who are merely criticised so her having no sympathy for this doctor doesn’t really mean much.

7:35-7:47:  Did you consider asking for referrals to relevant specialists?  There is a reason we have specialists after all.

8:00:  No, you were told the truth which is that the vaccine-autism thing is a coincidence and then you did this:

it's not fair I don't like these facts.jpg

8:39:  Fine, I’ll speak up.  Quit using me as your bogeyman.

8:50:  They aren’t telling you to vaccinate your child.   You’re free to use online K-12.

forced vax counter

8:59:   No.  SB277 does not force anyone to vaccinate.  I repeat:  SB277 does not force anyone to vaccinate.


So….3 possible vaccine injuries then and ZERO were actual vaccine injuries.







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