Vaxxed Stories Video #9

Good evening, class.  Today, we’ll be paying attention to Leslie in Georgia’s Vaccine Injury Story.

Here is the playlist we’re working from:

And here is the individual video, which as always, you should watch for yourself so you know what it says before you go by what I say it says.  This one is around the eight minute mark so let’s get on with it.

0:00-0:18:  Okay, a fall and bleeding everywhere and you went to a local clinic.

00:19-00:56:  Note that the fall happened prior to the vaccine.

1:24:  Uhh…you had the fall and lost a lot of blood prior to the Tdap.  That’s NOT A  FUCKING VACCINE INJURY.

1:37:  Sounds like you may be allergic to thimerosal.   That’s sad and should entitle you to medical exemption (if I’m correct) but it’s not quite the same thing as a vaccine injury.

2:23:  Well, which is it? Was your throat constricting  (which would mean breathing difficulties) or could you call and talk to someone?

2:47:  Hmm….

3:10:  Oh, god, I’m not scared of veal, even if you are.

appeal to emotion logical fallacy card - Copy.jpg

And no, it does not.  It is a growth medium like soil is for carrots.

3:25:  I apologise.  I was too harsh.  However, this is more akin to malpractice than a vaccine injury.  It’s  NURSE INJURY, if anything, not a VACCINE INJURY.

3:53:   I repeat nurse injury, if anything, not a vaccine injury.  You can sue for malpractice without having to go through NVICP by the way.

4:06…Now, we’re getting on with it.  The typical adult over 30 gets flu every 10 years, for what it’s worth.

5:01:  Let’s see.  2014 was a common year so 365 days.  So that means 182 + 183 = 365.  So you had fever on 183 days at least.  31 of those were in January which means that aside from January, you were sick for 152 days over the year which is about 13 days in each month.

5:32-5:50:  Really doesn’t matter.  Claims stand or fall on their own merit.

appeal to authority fallacy.jpg

yes there have studies comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated children this is why we don't want to repeat them.png

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png


6:08:  Oh, rubbish.  Mercola, Tenpenny, Andrew Wakefield don’t have any problems.

6:22:  Did you not pay attention to the autism omnibus and Andrew Wakefield’s GMC hearing?

6:35:  Yeah…about that…

if there is a global conspiracy out there to sterilize the population or kill us off - it's not working.jpg

6:51:  Correlation =/= causation.  And you do not have a representative sample.

7:33-7:49:  This is at most, evidence of  a malpractice injury.  STILL NOT EVIDENCE OF A VACCINE INJURY. 




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