Vaxxed Youtube Stories Video #8

Good evening, class.  Today it is Laura in Georgia’s turn to have her claims evaluated.  Here is the playlist we’re working from:

And here is her individual video which is the longest yet at ten minutes so I am sure there will be plenty of time for her to provide more evidence than the Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy.  As always, watch the thing yourself and find out what it says before you bother about what I say it says.

That said, let’s get to it, shall we?

00:00-00:23:  I really don’t care.  Claims stand or fall on their own merit and on whether the evidence supports them or not.

appeal to authority fallacy.jpg

0:40:  Uhh..yeh… because you’re choosing through action or inaction to be a higher risk for the disease.  There’s a risk for the disease so why are you bothered that they want the CHOICE of whether or not to deal with that RISK?   After all…where there’s a risk, there must be a choice, RIGHT?   Where there’s a risk, there must be a choice, RIGHT?

00:50:  Not necessarily.  If you got the measles last, it can erase the natural immunity from mumps and rubella.

want to keep your child's immune system strong.png

0:59:  You were training to be a nurse and didn’t know about titres?  I’m calling bullshit on this one.

1:04: And the evidence for the causative link with alopecia is?

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies.png

1:31:  A magazine is the same as a book for the purposes of comparing to scholarly literature unless it’s you know ‘Doctor Monthly’ or something like that.

We love books but there are reasons why revoultionary scienctific findings are published in science journals and not bookshierarchy of evidence scientific


appeal to emotion logical fallacy card - Copy.jpg

2:42-2:52:   The Cedillos and Hookers said that too.   You should really read the cases.

That…and well..which is it?  Was he on time for everything except talking where he was early or was he on time with everything?

2:52:   Evidence?

3:02-3:27:   Oh, FFS.  Why did you even go to the hospital given that you knew more than the entire  rest of the medical profession at this point?

why do we vaccinage newborns against Hep B

3:45:  I have to wonder why I can hear whispering in the background.

3:55:  Now, how does that compare to the risk of intussusception from rotavirus itself?

4:05:  Again, why the whispering?

4:18:  Yeah, that is a problem.    But you haven’t factually established that it was caused by the vaccine yet.  Still, we’re not quite halfway through so I should give you a chance.

5:21:  No, a kid with encephalitis is really sick.  Like, mengitis sick.  Emergency room sick.  If you’re going to make the encephalitis = autism claim…don’t bother.

encephaltis is not autism 1 of 3encephalitis is not autism 2 of 3encephaltis is not autism 3 of 3

5:33 – 6:10:  But where is your evidence that this was caused by the vaccine?

6:27:  Vitamin K is not a vaccine.  As a nurse, you should know this.

6:28-6:38:  According to you.

6:55:  And your evidence the seizure was a vaccine injury?

7:14:   Of course, those who died of measles as a child aren’t here to tell us about it.

7:18-7:25:   So…why do you think they were panicking if you didn’t get it by 7 or 8?  Because you were going to get those diseases sooner or later and they’re dangerous.

7:36:  Why?  It’s not like we quaratine people for a cold.

7:50:  While I don’t ordinarly  reccomend Vaxtruth as a relaible source of information because of this…

when you next see a tragic story of vaccine injury on a site like VacTruth, remember....png

…I did filch a graph from them.  Namely, this one:


Did you notice that deaths start at more than ‘0’.

~7:53:   I quite agree.   You do need to do your research. So, Laura Coulter, let’s check on your research, shall we?   Yeah, I thought so.

8:01:  What is the chance of a rash to seizure from the disease?

8:24:   Possibly.  However, if a weakened virus does that to them, what do you think the actual measles will do?

8:25-9:06:  Perhaps she had port wine stains? I mean, I’d expect port wine stains to look like port wine stains.



Laura:  Did she have vaccines?
Woman:  No
Laura:  Did she have Hep B vaccine?
Woman: Yes.

This is a known way of polluting information.

9:21-9:31:  I’d like to see the evidence.

9:44-10:00:  So where’s your evidence it’s a vaccine injury?




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