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The Caffeinated Autistic

Today, I want to talk about this article, published recently on CafeMom. CafeMom can be a bit of a cesspool of ignorance and downright terrible pieces, from ridiculous gossip about celebrities to even telling people to have compassion for a supposed mentally ill mother who murdered her disabled child (not like we haven’t heard that before, but it still is shocking every time I see it).

Really, in all reality, this isn’t the worst piece that has come from the site. But I am, again, feeling like I don’t exist, on many levels.

The myths being dispelled are good, of course. No one wants more than I do to see the world rid of articles suggesting that autistic people don’t have empathy or that vaccines cause autism. I am glad that good information like this exists, and I recognize at least one person quoted in the article, so that’s…

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