Vaxxed Injury Youtube Stories Video #7

Good evening, Class.  Today we’ll be looking at Kipton in Missipi’s  Vaccine Injury Story.  Here is the playlist:

Here is the individual video which, as always, I expect you to watch before reading my thoughts on it.  How else will you know if what I say the video says is a mismatch with what the video actually says?

00:00-00:40:   What was Kipton’s vaccine injury and how did you factually establish the causative link?  As for Hep B:

why do we vaccinage newborns against Hep B.jpg

0:57:  Hmm.

1:08:  Hmm…this may actually be a vaccine injury. Maybe.

1:11:  Oh, not the high-pitched scream–>encephlaitis–>autism rubbish again.

encephaltis is not autism 1 of 3
encephalitis is not autism 2 of 3encephaltis is not autism 3 of 3
encephalitis is not autism 2 of 3


the link is busted


1:32-2:02:  Do you have evidence of that somewhere?

2:34:   Doctors can write prescriptions for opoids.  Doesn’t mean there’ll be no oversight or that the state has all the power when there is.  This is the same thing.

2:53:  Well, which is it? Did your child have encephlaitis (swelling of the brain) or encelaopathy (disease of the brain? By the way, you should look up the history of Dravet’s Syndrome as it relates to NVICP.   And how does it compare to the risks from the disease?

3:02:  14 hours.   I don’t think you quite understand what encephlaitis or encelaopathy is.

3:34:  So your kid has a medical exemption.  Vaccine injury.  At long last.  I am not entirely clear what the vaccine injury is though – just that clearly one existed.

4:07:  Why should you think it’s linked?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4:08-4:47: You were.  After =/= because of.

5:37:  YOU ARE.   It’s called the VIS.

5:52:  Who cares? Claims stand or fall on their own merits.

6:08: Hmmm….

6:19:   Note they asked and she said no.  And you could just…you know…not work there.

6:46:   Evidence for more than Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy?


Like what?

7:43:  Uhh…he did okay with the MMR? That’s how?

Now, if you’re talking about predicting the future, no-one can do that.  But you need to bear in mind that if they can’t handle weakened viruses, they certainly can’t handle the full-strength virus/bacterium and they are the ‘Bens’ of the world.

This is Ben.jpg


7:43:  Medically exempt so…

7:59…I repeat medically exempt.   No-one begrudges this.

8:17:   Hmmm….evidence that it’s because of?


That said, *autism* is still not a vaccine injury.



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