Vaxxed Stories Youtube Video 4

Good Evening, Class.   Today, it is Jennifer in Alabama’s turn to have her claims evaluated.

Here is the playlist:

And here is Jennifer in Alabama’s individual video:

Now, this one is a little longer than the rest since it clocks in at around the 7-minute mark unlike the 3 previous ones which have averaged about 3-4 minutes so I’m sure there will be plenty of time for Jennifer to provide causative evidence.   As always, please watch the video for yourself before reading since … well…how else are you going to know what the video says rather than what I say it says?

So let’s get to it, shall we?


Q: Did he have the Hep B at birth?

A:  Yes, he had it the second day.

Well, which is it?  Did he have it at birth or was it the second day?

0:41:   I have no reason to doubt this so okay then.

1:05:   There isn’t any ‘had to’ except maybe the DTaP/Tdap in certain circumstances.   Even in the strictest states, you are free to homeschool your child and keep them 100% vaccine free.

1:10:  Look at this.

1:16:  Ah, I wonder what vaccine injury this will be.

1:37:  I’d love to see your evidence for this statement about knowing he shouldn’t have had anything else with it now.  I mean, you know it so it shouldn’t be a problem.

1:59  Asthma is not a vaccine injury.

myth no unvaccinated vs vaccinated studies

2:02:  Eczema is not a vaccine injury either.

2:24:   That’s interesting.  So there is no way we can compare the pictures from before 15 months to after 15 months.   Wouldn’t you want to take several dozen pictures afterwards as at least a start to providing evidence?

2:36:  Well, which is it?  Did you not take pictures after 15 months or can we look at the pictures and compare them?

2:43:  I take it back.   It is entirely reasonable not to take pictures of the child after you’ve buried them or cremated them.

2:46:  Well, yeah.  Dead people don’t tend to look too healthy.  This should be obvious.

2:59:   Okay, if doctors can’t tell when someone is dead, we need to improve medical training LAST WEEK.

3:01-3:02:  I’m interested in what you mean by getting someone to listen to you.

3:11:  I just googled Autism in Alabama and came up with literally hundreds of thousands of results.  Make of that what you will.

3:13:    Well, which is it?  Did they ONLY want to send him to speech therapy or did they ONLY want to send him to feeding therapy?  They can’t both be true.   But what the fuck are doctors doing sending corpses to therapy of any kind?   Though here is a feeding therapy autism thing.  And here is a thing on speech therapy in autism.

3:18:  OH, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE.  Make. up. your bloody mind.   Do you have a dead son or an autistic one?

3:42:  Seizure disorders are not a vaccine injury either.  See ‘Dravet’s Syndrome’ and the history.

3:48:   Right.  So we’re not actually sure that your child is actually autistic since autism-like does not necessarily mean autism.  I use this illustration a lot, I know, but a child with a concussion may have certain symptoms of autism i.e. a lack of eye contact but that does not make a concussion any form of ASD.

4:04:  So your child has AD(H)D then and seizures and not  solely autism.  I do not appreciate your lying either.

Here is what happened:

You: I want help
Doctor:  *suggests medication to HELP.*
You:  We got no help.

Yes, you got help.  It just wasn’t the exact help you wanted.

4:07:  No, he wasn’t.   You got suggestions of medication to help.

4:15:  Well, which of your claims do you mean is heartbreaking because they can’t all be true.

4:20:  Well, which is it – did he never sleep until he was five or did he never sleep through the night?  Again, pick a story and stick to it.    This isn’t the best source but if I recall correctly, it takes about a month or so to kill a rat via sleep deprivation.    So there is no way that I believe, without stronger evidence, that your son didn’t sleep at all for five years.

As for sleeping through the night at five years old, that’s actually brilliant.  Adults don’t sleep through the night, either.

4:30: Yeah, you also said that you didn’t get help when you did.  So….

4:37:  Having a child is not about you.

4:41:  What do you mean, when he slept?  You claimed he didn’t sleep at all for five years.  Pick one claim and stick to it.

4:44:  Hmmm….how is he standing up and jumping around if he died?  Pick a claim and stick to it.

4:51:  This is what we keep saying:  The diagnostic criteria broadened.

vaccinate with confidence.jpg

4:54:   What do you mean, it wasn’t comfortable?

5:00:  Umm…parallel play.

5:05:   Yes, he was.   He has to be there to parallel play – he has to be mentally paying attention to parallel play.  You just didn’t know how to tell, obviously.

5:07:  What do you mean?   How can he go through all the motions without paying attention to the motions?    PICK A CLAIM AND STICK WITH IT.

5:08:   Oooh…a toddler doesn’t want to quit moving ever.   NOT A FUCKING VACCINE INJURY EITHER.   There’s a reason they’re not called ‘sitters’ or ‘stillers’ or ‘quieters’ or ‘restful’.

5:29:  Indeed.  Knowing something is wrong does not mean you know the cause of it though.   But where is the evidence of this causative link?

the link is busted.jpg

there are too many coincidences

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

5:34:  Except that you’re looking for the answer you’d already decided on since that first doctor AGREED THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG HENCE THE MEDICATION.   This is not about you looking for help but rather you doing this:


5:37:  Again, the first doctor was helping you by offering medication to help so again, this is about you throwing your toys out of the pram because you don’t like the facts already given.   Maybe don’t throw your toys out of the pram.

5:46:  ‘Things’.  Can’t you be a tad more specific?

6:14:  You got him to potty train at three and swim at five.  Vaccine injuries should actually be injurious and should actually be caused by vaccines.

6:25:  Except that you said you lost him.  So which is it?  But actually, you’re right.  You are luckier than a lot of people throughout history – because you can take your children growing up for granted.

so if SIDs is a vacine injury

if there is a global conspiracy out there to sterilize the population or kill us off - it's not working.jpg

the tin foil hat brigade reckon Bill Gates

and a toast to vaccines

The great irony here is that the reason you can blame vaccines for deaths is because you  take it for granted that your child will grow up and it’s the very fact that a fair few infectious diseases are prevented thanks to vaccines that allows you to take ‘my child will grow up’ for granted.

6:38:  Umm…well, if only there was some way we could find out.

6:46:  No, not every single parent.  I only need one example to counter a universal and I don’t need a counter-universal but I have more than one example.  This mother was not doing the best she could.   Neither is this mother doing the best she could – since this isn’t an example of doing the best she could and neither is this.

Other options for the first mother:  Call your local emergency number on yourself, call CPS/DSS or your equivalent on yourself, drop your kid off at the local fire station/hospital/police station and run like hell. Murdering your child will never ever ever be the ‘best you could do’ ever.

But sure, the vast majority of the parents are doing the best they can but that doesn’t mean all.













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