Vaxxed Youtube Video #10

Good evening, Class.  Today, it is Harold in Georgia’s turn to have their claims evaluated.  Here is the playlist we’ll be working from:

And here is the individual video, which as always, you should watch for yourself before blindly listening to what I have to say about it because you know, you’re not sheep, are you?  *teacher death glare*

00:00:00:11:    Well, at least someone’s African-American.  That’s a start.

00:18-00:19:  I learned about Vaxxed the movie too.   See?

00:46:  Here are the CDC whistleblower documents.

00:54:  Well, Harold.  I have some questions for you:

Can I read your research please?  What journal is it published in?  What incidence did you find of ‘bad reactions’ in the populace?   What reactions did you define as ‘bad reactions’ vs moderate or mild and by which methods?  What was the incidence of mild or no reactions compared to ‘bad reactions’?   Was it the same for each vaccine you studied?  Thanks in advance.  Would love to read your results.

You may have read a lot about vaccines.png


1:13:  Well, then, you should have no trouble showing me that causative evidence.

the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.jpg

there are too many coincidences.jpg

the link is busted.jpg

anti-vax logic meets universal healthcare - Copy - Copy.jpg

1:33: I’d like to see the medical records on this.  See Cedillo and Hooker cases as to why.  That said, after is not a synoym for because of.

1:48:  Hmm…so which claim is correct?   Was he typically developing or ahead?

2:00:  18 months old.  That’s 12 weeks, three whole months after the MMR vaccine.

there are too many coincidences

So he was roughly 30 months old (24 months (2 yrs) + 6 months = 2.5 yrs)  and it took about four months so 30-4 = 26 months or just a little bit over 2. Or…18+4 = 22 months or a bit under 2.  Or 30-18 = 12 months/a year.  Either way, at least one of the claims the parent is making doesn’t hold up.  Pick a claim and stick to it!

3:35:  You were.  It was a coincidence.  For example, there is no autism epidemic.

autism epidemic what autism epidemic - Copy - Copy.png

4:36:  Yes.   That is not evidence of a vaccine injury though.

4:41:  Oh, for fuck’s sake.  Babyland is a cause for your whole world falling.  Autism …not so much.

5:23:   There is such a thing as a de novo mutation and there is such a thing as recessive alleles  which come from both sides of the family.

5:35:  Sorry, Vaxxed lied to you.

5:48:  Umm…except that the MMR is given at 12-15 months and you said you first noticed at 18 months.

5:58:  Uhh….again, you have no evidence of this conspiracy.

which is more likely close youtube.jpg

6:08:  Uhh…except they clearly didn’t as proven by the entire rest of the world.

6:48:  You were.  Polley Tommey and Andrew Wakefield are preying on your for their own ends.

VAXXEd's revelation.jpg

6:50:  You were.

7:01:  How do you explain the entire rest of the world then?

the link is busted.jpg

7:07:  No, read Baxter et al.

autism epidemic what autism epidemic - Copy - Copyvaccinate with confidence

7:12-7:13:   Uhh…no.  Even if we pretend that the cover-up actually was a thing, it only affects children who are a)male AND b)African-American AND c)vaccinated late.   But other countries in the world exist.

7:45:  They already have done that.  You simply did not like the answer.   All I can do is provide facts.  How you react to them is on you.  Really not my fault if you do this:

it's not fair I don't like these facts

7:49:  Uhh…yes, it did.  Again, the fact that you responded like this…

it's not fair I don't like these facts

to the facts is your problem and not mine.

7:50:  No, it doesn’t.   It makes a claim.

VAXXEd's revelation

8:05:  Doesn’t matter.  Repeption doesn’t magically make you any more correct than you were to begin with.

9:02:  I’d love to see stats on the divorce in the autistic community, actually. Note: Not autism community.



the link is busted

autism epidemic what autism epidemic - Copy - Copy

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