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ny foolishly put their faith in it.Like1↳ Reply6 February 2017paleologue OFOLLOWLooks like your message reappeared. And mostly I agree, so I will just respond to this:The point about Aspirin and the Flu pandemic was that doctors and scientists then thought they knew what they were doing. They clearly did not. Ditto for removing tonsils and adenoids, because in their arrogance, not understanding what they might do, they concluded nothing.Medicine lurches forward by trying new things, to see what works. And there is a dynamic at work where some people want clinical trials to stretch on for years, while other want new possible cures to be available to those willing to be the guinea pig. Particularly the case with new cancer drugs. So new drugs are simultaneously rushed to market and too slow to reach the market.But no one knows what the long term effects are until they’ve been around for a while– like thalidomide. So the regulators try to be as cautious as they can while still approving many new drugs. An intelligent physician understands this, and reads a lot on post-approval clinical findings. That way he can inform his patients of the pluses and minuses, and let the patient work with him in choosing a regimen.I’m not saying they all practice medicine that way. But an intelligent patient should shop for one who does. I’ve been very lucky to know a number of doctors in whom I have a great deal of confidence. But they aren’t miracle workers– and neither are the herbalists and naturopaths.Read moreLike0↳ ReplyFU6 February 2017Former UserFOLLOW

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