Remember that time when provaxxers…?

Good afternoon, Class.  Today, we’ll be discussing the horrible things that those terrible pro-vax bullies are doing.  Like forcing you to vaccinate your child.   Like saying they were going to shoot you if you forced the higher risk of diseases on their newborn or medically-exempt kid?

If not, you’re in luck today because we’re going to discuss all the times that pro-vaxxers were violent to anti-vaxxers – when they said that they were going to trade diseases for bullets – like the time that they made a bomb threat.  Like the time that they stole a  vaccine injury photo, lied about it and blamed the infant’s mother.

Now, I know you might not remember this but please do try and keep up.  That said, please scroll downwards.

Made a bomb threat?

When provaxxers said they’d trade bullets for diseases?

When they made a post about the 11 golden rules of militant vax-stoppers?

When they had a site that also claimed that reptilian men ran the world?

Remember when they made constant accusations that the other side were shills for AOA, Natural News et al?

Remember when they pressed for the creation of the National Natural Immunity Injury Program with phrases like “when it’s your child, the risk is 100%”  and then didn’t like it when they couldn’t get money for things that weren’t caused by Natural Immunity?

When they kept strawmanning anti-vaxxers as forcing others not to get vaccines when they did no more than attempt to control vaccine shedding?    Remember when they strawmanned the bill in question as denying their kids a state-funded education when in fact, state-funded online K-12 was perfectly allowable under the new law?   Remember when they came up with the ‘discrimination’ claim as if there were  special checkpoints for Asian students?

(CA Bill SB722:   They may take the risk of vaccine-shedding for themselves and their own kids.   However, they can’t then expect to work in healthcare or send their kid to school and force the risk of their choice on others.    “Where there’s a risk, there must be a choice”, right, pro-vaxxers?)

Remember when they came up with the SB722 site which claimed the law said things which bore no resemblance to what the law actually said. Remember all the screeching about choice and ignoring that their choices came with risks that they didn’t get to force on others?

Remember when they decided that pro-safe-vaxxers were going to make the pro-vaxxers wear  a yellow star?

Remember when they decided that SB722 was unconstitutional despite the long list of precedent that said it was constitutional because they didn’t seem to grasp that that the fact that they didn’t like a law didn’t make it unconstitutional?

Remember when they decided that it was rushed through despite going through four senates when the usual is two?

Remember when they said unvaccinated people were more likely to get the disease and totally ignored the fact that there were more unvaccinated people to begin with?

And do you remember when they stole the vaccine injury photo, lied about it and blamed the mother?

If you don’t believe me, I recommend re-reading the links.   Seriously, check the links out.   There is evidence there for every single action I claimed happened actually taking place – seriously, go check them out.    I can’t do your work for you all of the time.

But before we go….oh yes, who can forget the time they claimed that all the evidence was funded by AOA, NN, and the like?  And they never could demonstrate that widespread universal fraud?

Bye, then.

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