Autistic voices, and the problem of the “vocal minority” | DART

t language is also often used and seems to be preferred by non-autistics. But my comment above does refer only to the preferences of people on the autism spectrum themselves.Reply ↓Dan KurchakMarch 26, 2017 at 6:56 pmI’m an Aspie on the spectrum. Please do listen to our voices it helps our community when you do.Reply ↓Pingback: Sharing from Sue Fletcher-Watson : Autistic voices, and the problem of the “vocal minority” | DART – Aspie Under Your RadarCatriona Anne StewartMarch 26, 2017 at 8:52 amVery well written Sue, points well made. I’m sorry you are having make them in a sense but having been confronted with similar conflicts, I thank you for being prepared to articulate why it is so important to engage with the ‘vocal minority’. If we look at what is known, in any case, it looks as if the vocal, and able autistic population are NOT the minority. However, it’s not a referendum, 50.1% don’t win the vote, no, in this world, they can and do provide insight into the lives of the 100%. I had an interesting conversation yesterday with, I think, a GP, who asked a question from the audiene at an event I was presenting to you yesterdat. She noted my use of the term ‘autistic’ and wondered how the women I had been working with felt about me calling them that? I started by saying I try not to get hung up on the issue, that I always introduce the subject in the context of respecting the individual’s right to define themselves as they wish and like you I use a mix of language. I then went off piste a bit and a short lecture ensued – I hope she’s glad she asked!!!Reply ↓SuzanneMarch 24, 2017 at 2:04 pm

Source: Autistic voices, and the problem of the “vocal minority” | DART

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