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There is no cure for dyspraxia, but there is a lot that can be done about it. First of all, getting help is of crucial importance. Raising awareness is too, because dyspraxia is not a readily recognized condition the way autism or ADHD are.While having dyspraxia may be frustrating, there is a silver lining to it. “One of the things we find is that some of the people with dyspraxia are very empathic and caring and so these are really positive traits for being a parent,” says Kirby. I find this very heartening given that I often feel guilty for not being able to do the things that normal parents do with their children.When asked whether people with dyspraxia have special talents, Kirby replied, “I think it’s no good saying people with X are talented. After all, doesn’t everybody have skills that are beneficial in a way? It’s no different from other people.”You hear that? In our differences, we’re no different from other people.Olga Mecking lives in the Netherlands and writes about different topics, including parenting, travel, food and health.ShareTweetSubmitPinMoreTagsdevelopmental coordination disorderdyspraxiahealthconditionsmental healthMore from Mental HealthVideoJohn Oliver Takes on U.S. Mental Health Services in Wake of Oregon ShootingsOctober 5, 2015Exclusive: Project UROK’s Balloon Room with Jenny Jaffe , Episode 1, Featuring Cyrus McQueenOctober 27, 2015FeaturesMOREOur Gun Problem Is More Than a Mental Health ProblemMarch 2, 2017Social Science: Abortion and Mental HealthJanuary 18, 2017Who’s Worse: Bernie Sanders, or a Press that Uses the Subject of Mental Health for Political Point-scoring?March 9, 2016Mental Health And Do-Nothing Adults In Life is StrangeMay 13, 2015More Mental Health FeaturesReviewsAnatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America by Robert WhitakerFebruary 22, 2012ListsMORE5 Gadgets That Will Enhance Your Mental HealthMarch 21, 2017Can Psychedelic Drugs Improve Mental Health?March 16, 20173 Ways to Manage Your Mental Health While TravelingFebruary 17, 201710 Songs About Coping with Mental IllnessMarch 15, 2017More Mental Health ListsNewsMOREMental Health Tip: Stop Using The Internet So MuchJanuary 13, 2017With Its Newest Feature, Instagram Is Making Mental Health A PriorityJanuary 2, 2017Social Media Is Making Millennials Feel More Iso

Source: Being an Adult with Dyspraxia :: Health :: Features :: Mental Health :: Paste


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