THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO AUTISM: Autism Acceptance Day & Month: Do This, Not That

Autistic Self Advocacy NetworkNOS MagazineAutism Acceptance MonthAutism Women’s NetworkIntersected Red InsteadInternational Autism Acceptance DecadeRight here at Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism (at Facebook and Twitter too)Squidalicious: How to Find Autism Information That Will Help YouLeft Brain/Right BrainIf you have money, do not give it to organizations that harm autistic people. Find a useful local organization to support, or:Support The Autistic Self Advocacy NetworkSupport NOS MagazineSupport the Autism Women’s NetworkSupport UCSF’s Office of Developmental Primary CareSupport Autistic-owned businesses, like, or Splendid ColorsDonate to Magical Bridge Playground’s Sensory Retreat HutsGive someone a copy of the book NeuroTribesGive someone a copy of the book The ABCs of Autism AcceptanceGive someone a copy of the book Loud Hands: Autistic People SpeakingGive someone a copy of the book What Every Autistic Girl Wishes Her Parents KnewIf you have time, avoid Autism Speaks walks and other purely “awareness”-raising events. Spend time supporting autism acceptance instead:Sign the Autism Acceptance Month pledgeDevote time to to listen to autistic voices, such as our Autism Acceptance series of interviews and articles from 2016, 2014, and 2012.Share how major cultural influencers like Apple are choosing to honor Autism AcceptanceBoost autism acceptance-oriented material: on FB, Twitter, and other social media (as we will be doing), and share them on email with your friendsComment on articles that misrepresent autistic people. Be polite and matter-of-fact but direct. Do not make or respond to personal attacks.Call your local political representatives about autism-oriented matters; if you have the bandwidth, tell them you will be a resource for them.Volunteer: ask local special education and disability-oriented schools what they need, on a one-time or ongoing basis.Mentor: There is a real need for both autistic people and families new to autism to have good guidance. This is especially true for speakers of languages other than English. Contact your local family support or autistic organization for more information.Ask friends to donate to the organizations or do the acts above.We’ll be devoting our April to autism reporting and resource sharing that makes a difference, so do check back in. And thank you for supporting Autism Acceptance.

Source: THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO AUTISM: Autism Acceptance Day & Month: Do This, Not That


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