California Bill May Reshape Vaccination Laws Across the Nation – NBC News

edule.And she believes the momentum from California, should the bill become law, could color future immunization laws for Americans of all ages.”This will set precedent for adult vaccinations also. If we’re saying school-age children need to be vaccinated then what about teachers? What about daycare providers? What about principals? They going to be next,” Shtein said.”And then what? Will adults need their vaccination records to board airplanes?”The California vaccination bill next goes to that state’s senate judiciary committee for debate on its legal ramifications.Play Facebook Twitter Embed Many Doctors Admit to ‘Spacing Out’ Vaccines If Parents Ask 0:25BILL BRIGGSTWITTER FACEBOOK GOOGLE PLUS EMAILTOPICS HEALTH NEWSFIRST PUBLISHED APR 23 2015, 5:08 AM ET NEXT STORY Measles Vaccine Gaps Put U.S. At Risk, Reports Show  by Taboola Sponsored Links More to ExploreThe Extraordinary Upgrade for Gmail That Everyone Is Talking AboutBoomerang1 million people have fallen in love with this language learning appBabbelHow Cruise Ships Fill Their Unsold CabinsCruise Deals AceFROM THE WEB (Sponsored)MORE FROM NBC NEWSWith this app, you’ll be speaking a new language in 3 weeks BabbelTechies Are Ditching Skype & Downloading These Alternatives GetAppThere Are 7 Types of English Surnames — Which One Is Y… AncestryComing Soon: Godrej Origins at The Trees, Mumbai Godrej Origin TreesSave Up to 75% on these Double Glazing Offers Anygator.comProm poster’s ‘good girl’ message sparks backlash on social mediaRussian drone shows aftermath of U.S. missile strike on Syrian airfieldTODAY’s Ultimate Family Fairy Tale Giveaway: Meet the adorable finalistsTom Brokaw on missile strike against Syria: ‘The real question is what hap…‘This Is Not What We Voted For’: Trump’s Online Base Furious Ove…  by Taboola Promoted Links Sponsored Links From the WebBedford Left Stunned By This New Laser Eye SurgeryOptical ExpressLearn A Language In 2017 – With This New Method!Babbel  by Taboola MORE FROM NBC NEWS

Source: California Bill May Reshape Vaccination Laws Across the Nation – NBC News


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