“I am autistic”, not a “person with autism”

Henny Kupferstein

kateandandrewKate and Andrew are autistic. By their own words, they are not “living with Autism” or “suffering from Autism”. Kate is a small business owner and Andrew is a retired attorney that served for thirty years in the New York State Department of Finance. In this video, Kate and Andrew share their thoughts about the politically correct trend of “Person First” language and what they say about a dehumanizing requirement to use disability etiquette amongst professionals.

Autism is genetic. It is not caused by vaccines, parenting deficits, or birth trauma. Autism is neither an epidemic nor a disease.


My name is Kate.
My name is Andy.
I am a handwriting instructor, calligrapher, and married woman.
I am a retired lawyer, and am married to Kate.
I am autistic.
I am autistic.
I am not an individual with autism.
I am not an individual with autism.
You are not an…

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