Poor baby woke up at 6 am, ate a little and suddenly began screaming in pain… Clearly her tummy again. She calmed down pretty quickly when held her. I went to change her diaper and when I layed her back down she started to cry. I took her next to me in our bed and tried to nurse her again but eating seemed to make her tummy hurt more as she kept unlatching and crying so I gave her her pacifier and she fell asleep under the blanket next to me. I feel so bad for my little love, she has to be in so much pain only because of that stupid rotavirus vaccine. 😞 I hope that it was worth taking it… I’m going to call the child welfare clinic tomorrow to ask if this much tummy pain is normal afterwards.

And your evidence it had to be the rotavirus vaccine is what again?  I trust it is something much more robust than the Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy.

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