Weekend Reads: Rapunzel’s not Ready for Marriage, Being an “OK” Parent, and The Best Rhyming Books | Grounded Parents

nd our families have watched it as well. Everybody we know seems to think it’s pretty hysterical,” Kelly told Menendez. “It was sort of catching a regular family off-guard and stuff. It’s funny.”“We laughed a lot,” his wife added.And, in an incredible confirmation of what many people had suspected, the Journal reported that Kim had not realized that the children had wandered into their father’s home office — until she saw them on the TV screen.Rhyming is important to learning. Here’s a GIANT list of great rhyming books for kids. We haven’t visited the Slo Mo Guys in awhile… check it out! Featured Image Credit: Sesame StreetShare this:PinterestEmailPrintFacebook7LinkedInRedditTwitterPress ThisGoogleTumblrPocketTags:autism,Gorsuch,julia,Star-crossed,TangledPREVIOUS POSTBook Review: Annabelle & Aiden: Oh, the Things We BelievedNEXT POSTPink Pancakes for Picky EatersLou DoenchLou Doench is a 48 year old father of three. Twelve years ago he married the coolest woman in the world and gave up the lucrative career of being a photography student to become a stay at home husband and Dad, or SAHD. An atheist geek, or a geeky atheist if you prefer, Lou likes reading, photography, video gaming, disc golf, baseball and Dr. Who. He has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1976. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also an excellent home cook, not that his children would know because they only eat Mac & Cheese. Follow Lou on Twitter @blotzphoto or check out his photography at http://www.flickr.com/photos/blotz/Related PostsLINKSSPECIAL NEEDSAutistic Views on Autism: Essential Reads for Neurotypical ParentsLINKSWeekend Reads: Shut up about Harvard, Asking for IUD’s, and Get the F$#%* Dressed!GUEST POSTSCIENCEGuest Post – Don’t Flush Your Meds: Antidepressants, Pregnancy and AutismAGES 2-5MEDIA & TECHNOLOGYSPECIAL NEEDSMuppet With Autism Makes Anti-vaxxers Lose Their ShitNo CommentLeave a reply

Source: Weekend Reads: Rapunzel’s not Ready for Marriage, Being an “OK” Parent, and The Best Rhyming Books | Grounded Parents


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