21 Reasons I’m Extremely Hesitant to Debate Christians

The Wise Sloth

1. Christians are close minded.

This sounds insulting at first, but hear me out. Christianity demands its believers have faith. To have faith is to believe in your preconceived conclusion no matter what. Faith is the very definition of being closed minded.

A good Christian isn’t supposed to consider divergent (aka heretical or blasphemous) points of view. So when a Christian tries to debate me I have to be suspicious as to whether or not they’re really trying to have an open minded debate with me or simply trying to blindly argue against my position. In my experience, the Christians I have debated never had any intention of considering my point of view. They just wanted to tear me down so they could feel secure in their dogma and hopefully convert me. 

It’s not unfair to say “Christians are closed minded,” because believing in Christianity doesn’t require passive faith in the absence of…

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