A Glossary of Sitting

Starfish Therapies

Based on the questions I got from my last post, I decided to create a  glossary of sitting!

w-sitting3W-sitting:   As you may or may not of read in my last post “Why is W-Sitting a Four Letter Word?” I am not a fan of this sitting position.  You will know your child is sitting this way when you see their bottom on the floor and their knees bent with their feet on the outside of their hips.  If anyone has questions as to why I don’t like this position please refer back to the before mentioned post!

kneeling21Kneeling: This is a position that can often get confused with w-sitting.  In fact I often have parents get concerned when their child sits like this.  The difference between kneeling and w-sitting is that when kneeling, your child will be sitting with their bottom on their feet, not on the floor. Their…

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