“Are you joking or serious?”

The Caffeinated Autistic

One of the most common tropes about autism is that autistic people can’t understand sarcasm.  Most stereotypes have some grain of truth in them, and this is no exception.  Many of us have difficulty with figuring out sarcasm. In addition, we also tend to have difficulty with idioms and other sorts of figures of speech.

This started out very young for me.  My mother recalls a story from when I was less than five years old, and I came home crying because a classmate of mine, Billy, had “shot a bird.”  Of course, most of my readers will chuckle a bit at this because it’s glaringly obvious now that what my teachers really meant when they made this statement was that my classmate Billy shot up his middle finger at someone.  As a five year old, I didn’t know this, and to be quite honest, it took me many, many…

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