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hen one considers the fact that many of these same diseases have been causally linked to vaccinations. [10-11] To complicate matters more, preventive care is often not covered by health insurance which focuses more on sick care. However, many safe, free or low cost health protocols can be implemented by almost everyone, independent of our health care system.What follows are 8 strategies for taking charge of your health, including the first essential recommendation to avoid toxic vaccinations. STRATEGY #1: AVOID VACCINATIONS Toxins contained in vaccinations have been linked to cancer, auto-immune disorders and diabetes.  While some states laws and work requirements can make it very difficult to avoid vaccines, every attempt should be made to avoid all vaccinations. [12-13] STRATEGY #2: EAT REAL FOODDr. Weston A Price is responsible for un-matched research in the 1930’s in which he spent 10 years studying endemic cultures, untouched by modern man and his highly processed foods. These groups ate the same way for centuries and passed on their wisdom about healthy foods to future generations, to ensure their optimal health.Price inspected the native foods and determined that their diets contained 4 to 10 times more water and fat soluble vitamins, compared to the American diet at that time. 30-80% of their diets were comprised of healthy, traditional fats, mostly animal fats.Remarkably, these natives enjoyed mental and physical health, unparalleled by Americans. They had no cavities or need for orthodontia, while enjoying natural immunity to disease. The principles of this diet can be explored more at The Weston Price FoundationIn simple words, the diet can be described as eating as our great grandparents ate by eating real, unprocessed foods. These foods include pastured meat, wild fish, raw milk and cheese, organic vegetables and fruit and fermented and sprouted foods. [14-15]Regardless of dietary preferences, everyone, even conventional physicians agree that it is important to eat clean, unprocessed foods. The growing popularity of farmer’s markets and organic foods is testimony to this new awareness that our food supply is toxic and needs to be improved. STRATEGY #3: EAT DIRTIn our effort to be clean and avoid harmful bacteria, along with overuse of antibiotics, many Americans suffer from gastrointestinal complaints. Many of these illnesses, ranging from constipation to inflammatory bowel disease, can be linked to inadequate gut flora. Gut issues are further related to auto-immune disorders, thyroid and other illnesses.Gut flora can be replenished by taking high quality probiotics, including soil based organisms which we are lacking since most of us don’t eat farm foods directly from nutritious soil with the healthy bacteria intact. [16]Fermented foods are also a critical way to replenish the gut flora, by including kefir, fermented vegetables and kombucha in the diet. [17] STRATEGY #4: EXERCISEExercise is critical for health. Increasing lung capacity is related to longevity and short interval training work outs are most effective in accomplishing this goal. 12 minutes daily exercise of alternating high intensity exercise with rest is all that is needed to improve health. [18] STRATEGY #5: SLEEP & RESTRest and sleep are essential for recovery from stress and healing of the body. Most adults benefit from at least 8 hours of sleep. [19] STRATEGY #6: AVOID FLUORIDEMost municipalities add toxic fluoride, and chlorine to water supplies. Fluoride is associated with several health problems. Using a water filter in one’s home can lower these toxic substances. Using only fluoride free toothpaste and avoiding fluoride treatments at your dentist’s office are also important practices. For other ideas on ways to avoid toxic fluoride visit the following link: http://fluoridealert.org/content/top_ten/ STRATEGY #7: GO ORGANIC When purchasing food one can follow the pesticide ratings of the Environmental Working Group and avoid conventional produce with the most pesticide. [20]Farmer’s markets are excellent places to purchase quality, pesticide free produce. Although many farmers are not certified organic, their practices often exceed those required to receive the government label, so it pays to talk to local farmers about their practices to feed the soil and avoid pesticide use. Organic food has more nutrients than non- organic, while also avoiding toxic pesticides. [21-22]Of course, avoiding GMO’s in your food is also critical. GMO’s are highly linked with serious health issues. Certified organic food cannot contain GMO’s. [23] STRATEGY #8: ENJOY the SUN and ITS MANY HEALTH BENEFITSThe sun is free and an excellent source of vitamin D. Especially now during the summer months, it is important to get as much sun as possible on skin without sunscreen, so that the body can maximize its vitamin D production. Vitamin D deficiencies are linked with most diseases. [24] CONCLUSIONConventional medicine has plans to develop more vaccin

Source: 8 Ways to Safely Take Charge of Your Health While Avoiding Toxic Vaccines – VacTruth.com


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