A vaccine denier bet $100,000 the measles virus ‘doesn’t exist.’ He lost. – LA Times

isease’s viral cause. When Lanka rejected the evidence, Bardens sued. Last week a German court found Bardens’ evidence persuasive and ordered Lanka to pay. He says he’ll appeal. The case would have the flavor of a legal cabaret act if not for the seriousness of the ongoing measles epidemic in the U.S. and Europe, and Lanka’s pathological approach to the issue. Steven Novella of Yale Medical School writes that challenges like Lanka’s usually are “pure publicity stunts–they sound grandiose but typically are framed in such a way that the one issuing the challenge can wiggle out of ever having to pay. They are rigged from the beginning, mainly by not spelling out what kind of evidence would meet the challenge.” Novella reckons that “Lanka got a little sloppy.” Paid Post WHAT’S THIS? How To Open Wine Sans CorkscrewA Message from The Daily MealYou wouldn’t let a little thing like not having a corkscrew stop you from enjoying that bottle of wine you just bought, right? Watch these videos to see what lengths people will go to to open a bottle of wine in a pinch.See MoreIndeed, the phenomenon of cranks blo

Source: A vaccine denier bet $100,000 the measles virus ‘doesn’t exist.’ He lost. – LA Times


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