Autistic Trans King

content/trigger warning: filicide, suicide murder apology, ableism

Yet two more  disabled lives lost: Just this Monday, 11-year-old Elisa Lutz and her 10-year-old brother Martin, of Sydney, Australia were murdered by their father before taking his own life.  Elisa and Martin were both Autistic  Their mother was also found dead.

In November 2014, 6-year-old London McCabe was murdered by his mother.  London was also Autistic.

And in September 2013, Issy Stapleton, then 14 years old, survived an attempted murder by her mother.  Issy was Autistic as well.

This really breaks my heart because I could have been one of those kids.  It also breaks my heart because it’s just wrong to murder your disabled child.  NOTHING makes it acceptable.

Every year disability organizations such as The Autistic Self Advocacy Network hold a vigil known as the Disability Day of Mourning, where we mourn the losses of disabled people who were…

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