Don’t IM your way into a lawsuit

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Marketing Where Technology Intersects Life

Remember when there was a clear difference between “official” corporate communications and casual conversation between employees and vendors or customers?  Before long, that dividing line may be nothing more than a memory. 

More and more often, courts are ruling that instant messages, tweets, and social media posts by employees are “official” corporate communications with legal and regulatory risks and requirements – whether the communication is authorized or not.

While much has been written on this blog about the regulatory and legal implications of social media, I tend to forget about instant messaging because I’m not a regular IM user (much to my boss’s annoyance, when he wants information while he’s in a meeting and finds an IM the easiest way to reach out). 

Recently a vendor asked me for IM contact information so that we could “stay in touch” during the work day, and I had to…

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